Saturday, July 16, 2011

Farmers Market Report

We've had an unseasonal growing season here in Indiana, to put it mildly. Early heavy rains and cool weather delayed planting; early June heat stunted growth. So it's little surprise our markets have felt the hit.

It's mid-July and we're still waiting for fresh tomatoes to hit our local markets, and the first ears of sweet corn sold out quickly last week. (We're determined to grab some this week.) There's not much for lettuce, though some beans and squashes are cropping up.

So what is selling? Not the produce.

The dearth of veggies has called into the attention the growth of our market in recent years. Far from the handful of vendors when I first stumbled on the market when I moved here five years ago, the market has blossomed to include a variety of meat vendors (chicken, beef, lamb, pork, including from an industrious 4H member), baked goods, honeys, handmade soaps and homemade cleaners.

I'm not sure if this evolution is due to our area wanting more locally made goods, the sticker shock at the grocery store, the economy or a desire to be more green. But I like what I see.

How has your farmers market changed? What stands out most to you?


Willo said...

Ours grows every month and is getting quite large for the small village I live in. I am so proud of it! Here is my report from this week:

Bridget said...

I love Farmer's Market's. Local food for local people. I had a stall at our local market for 5 years. I did baked goods, preserves and a small amount of veg. It's hard work though.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

I think Farmers Markets everywhere are including more and more of a variety of local handmade items and I think it is great!

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

The biggest change I've seen is the addition of more and more farmers' markets. The list grows every year.

I got two boxes of peaches for $16 from the farmers market on Saturday and spent the weekend making jam and syrup. They were "seconds," meaning "use today or lose em," but it's so worth it to me for the money savings.


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