Saturday, July 30, 2011

Farmers Market Report

A market-less weekend. It’s nearly unheard of for our family.

Instead of traipsing through our neighborhood market, we’ll be off to see grandparents. In their town, Friday mornings are the day for the farmers market, as I was warned by my mother. I find it interesting given that so many people work – it seems like a missed opportunity!

I suppose, living in the big city with easy access to the country, I am spoiled. I pass by several farm stands between work, daycare and home. I can literally visit a farmers market if I so choose somewhere in our metro on any day but Monday. (Give enough time, and that will be taken too!)

The local food finds seem to be a growing trend, so it’s a surprise that three hours away, I wouldn’t find an option to take the kids too. Even trying to find a market en route to grandma’s house to take the kids too isn’t easy.

Have I just been spoiled?

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Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

Yes, you are spoiled. If I don't make our Saturday one, I have to drive 30+ minutes to go to one, maybe in traffic, and that is not for me. But I also don't shop on Sundays, which does limit my options (really only eliminates one option currently, and that option is 25 min. away anyway). I love our little neighborhood market, and feel very very sad if I miss one week. I've actually been trying to get ALL my produce through the farmer's market and my CSA and only shop at Trader Joe's/Whole Foods once a month for other things I need (I do a milk/egg delivery too, so I don't need to shop weekly for those).


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