Monday, July 18, 2011

The first harvest

Last night for dinner we had grilled chicken and zucchini. And raw sugar snap peas. From our garden.

I'm just all squirmy with delight. Our garden, after last year's disappointments and this year's incredibly slow-to-get-going growing season, is producing food. There are green tomatoes getting all huge and lovely (and these are the "early girl" varieties. Oy. It's practically August, for Pete's sake!), there are blossoms on the chives and cute plump radishes poking up out of the ground, and there be squashes!

I imagine in a few weeks I will be panicking and wondering what I'm going to do with all of them, but for now it's just heady and lovely success.

I am out of town at a conference and don't really have time for a proper post; so instead I'll just refer you to the ones I wrote two summers ago when my zucchini patch exploded. (Not literally. Though it might as well have.) It's a five part series with recipes and instructions along the way for blanching and freezing the zukes, falafel, veggie-burgers, latkes, meatloaf, veggie pasta sauce, and the ever-popular zucchini bread--check it out, it's a recipe I developed especially to maximize the amount of squash in the recipe to get rid of as much of it as possible.

How are your gardens doing?

And does anyone have any creative ideas on what to do with radishes when no one in the family particularly likes to eat them?


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Chop radishes into slivers and add to stir fries. Very peppery and lovely.
Congratulations of the veggie success.

Andrea @ The Greenbacks Gal said...

I know its bad form to link to yourself in someone else's comments, but you asked about radishes and I think you'd love this:

The radishes lose the heat and become somewhat sweet.

Tony R said...

You should try and pickle them. Pickeled radishes are GREAT on Salad. They're a little smelly but so yummy!

CallieK said...

Who says it's bad form to link to something that's on topic, even if it's from your own site? That's just silly!

I appreciate the link! And I'd love to see a recipe for pickled radishes too!

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

So funny that you grew radishes when your family doesn't like them. I've been there, only my problem was greens related. Thank goodness for green smoothies!

I'm attempting a three-season garden this year (yeah, North Carolina!), so my summer garden is just starting to produce. I've got a ton of melons that I'm anxiously waiting to ripen, a bunch of green tomatoes, a handful of green beans, and so far three cucumbers.

Green Bean said...

I'm going to try pickling mine too. Ours are from the CSA.

@Erin - I'm attempting a 3 season (or maybe 4 season!) garden here too this year. Getting going on sowing seeds for the fall.

Anonymous said...

Barter them with someone who does like radishes. I'm sure there's someone in your area who would be happy to trade for fruit or veggies, a loaf of homebaked bread, a small service...

Jenn the Greenmom said...

Erin, I planted the things because a lot of companion gardening sites say radishes are good for discouraging squash borers and other nasty nematody things. However, they flourished, and now I have LOTS AND LOTS of radishes--I will munch on one by itself, or slice one on salad from time to time, but there are just too many. Thanks, all, for the great ideas!


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