Sunday, July 10, 2011

Phone Booth Flashback

Welcome to the Phone Booth Flashback, where we take a trip down memory lane so you can catch up on posts from the Booth's past.

Last Year
  • The death of empathy?: Going Green Mama wonders about the relationship between empathy and sustainability, and what happens when people are becoming less empathetic.
  • Meatless Monday - Grains: The Greenhabilitator goes beyond wheat and describes some other grains that you might want to add to your diet.

Two Years Ago
  • New Sierra Club Hiking Wiki: JessTrev describes a website from the Sierra Club where people can post their favorite hikes and browse others' favorites.
  • Food Matters: Green Bean posts photos of sustainable food and farming across the country.
  • What Secrets?!: Green Bean shares a link for making your own utensil holder.

1 comment:

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

I've neglected posting these flashback posts for a couple weeks, but I'm so glad I didn't miss posting Rebecca's squash sex post. A classic!


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