Friday, July 1, 2011

Turtles vs. Airlines

A guest post from Dominique Browning of the Moms Clean Air Force

Turtles win! The best news I've heard all day: JFK airport traffic backed up while turtles take their time crossing runways to get to the other side–and lay eggs in the sand, of course. What else but motherhood would make a turtle ferocious enough to brave the hazards of large-winged, fire-breathing monsters? About 150 moms took to the runways this morning.

And speaking of determined moms, ready to confront all enemies: Be like the turtle moms, doing what it takes for their babies. Please Join Moms Clean Air Force!

1 comment:

SustainaMom said...

This made me laugh, but seriously, I love that commerce does sometimes stop for nature. But hate that a runway is built across the turtles' path...


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