Tuesday, August 16, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Favorite Reusable Products

Last week I recommend people take the 21 Day Challenge to ditch disposables and I give ideas of things to ditch. This week I'm giving my favorite products to replace the disposables.

Bottled water
Klean Kanteen and EarthLust are my favorite stainless steel reusable bottles.

Plastic shopping bags
For usable bags I like Reuseit Workhorse Hemp bags and ChicoBag.

Produce bags
All Things Green's hemp produce bags and Reuseit organic produce bags are my favorites.

Sandwich bags
I always send my husband's lunch in a LunchBot.

Disposable menstrual pads
Lunapads and DivaCup are good options.

Reuseit Hemp & Organic Cotton napkins and PeopleTowels are great options.

Paper towels
Use cloth towels and rags you already have. Also Skoy cloths are great for cleaning.

Disposable diapers
There are a lot of great cloth diapers out there. There is sure to be one for you. Itti Bitti and FuzziBunz are two brands I recommend you check out.

Lunch sacks
Reuseit has many great options, to many to list.

Coffee cups
Klean Kanteen insulated mugs are perfect for coffee and tea. They stay hot for up to 6 hours or cold up to 24 hours!

Disposable dishes
Use your real dishes.

Have any favorite reusables you think people should know about? Post below.


Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

This is a fabulous idea for a post. I will have to post a roundup of all my favorite reusables one of these days. I just posted my favorite lunch gear: http://www.eco-novice.com/2011/08/eco-novices-favorite-eco-friendly-lunch.html

And here are my posts about cloth diapers: http://www.eco-novice.com/search/label/diapers

And all other kinds of reusables: http://www.eco-novice.com/search/label/From%20Disposable%20to%20Reusable

One thing you didn't mention in your post -- straws! I love my steel straws from Etsy shop The Mulled Mind.

becki said...

I'm happy to say that my family does use some reusable things. We use cloth napkins- http://organicaspirations.blogspot.com/2011/07/yummy-organics-cropshare.html.

We also use cloth diapers- http://organicaspirations.blogspot.com/2011/07/going-green-cloth-diapering.html.

And we use cloth rags whenever possible- http://organicaspirations.blogspot.com/2011/08/this-moment_12.html.

My goals are to remember to bring my shopping bags into the store! Ugh!

I also want to switch almost exclusively to handkerchiefs rather than tissues.

I just learned today about reusable sandwich bags which has me thinking...

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh I so like this post! I am all into using reusables!! We use cloth napkins, kitchen towels in place of paper towels, reusable shopping bags and we use recycled bags and paper in our business!

Anonymous said...

Nice list! I second the Kleen Kanteen rec. I used to have a Sigg, but I dented it, and then it did this weird corroding thing that struck me as possibly not very healthy.

I just wanted to bring up my favorite reusable option: homemade. Not always the prettiest option, but definitely one of the most eco-friendly. Old sheets, clothes, and towels can be turned into very serviceable bulk bin and produce bags, napkins, cloth pads, and much more.


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