Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eco-friendly Party Decor

In which Eco-novice gets crafty.

A few months ago, when I saw this idea for homemade streamers online, I knew it was easy enough for me to try, and bookmarked it.  We have a few birthdays, plus Father's Day, during the summer in my family.  I was ready to put up some store-bought streamers left over from a church function for the first summer event, until I noticed "flame-resistant, colors do not bleed" on the label, which gave me pause.  Given what I know about flame retardants, I wasn't so interested in my family handling paper saturated with flame resistant chemicals. So, instead, I dug up the bookmarked DIY streamers instructions and made streamers using colored paper we already had.  Not nearly as attractive as the original, but I was using what I had on hand, and not trying that hard.  Just trust me when I say the photos don't really do them justice. We left them up for over a week in order to count for two different occasions.

Then I got to thinking what a truly eco-friendly idea this could be.  I started setting aside colored paper that normally would be headed to either my kids' coloring stash (if printed on only one side) or the recycling bin (printed on both sides).  I also saved a few papers that my kids had colored all over but weren't interested in saving.  When our family's next birthday occasion rolled around, I had plenty of used colorful paper to create upcycled eco-friendly party decorations: streamers from reused paper.  You could easily save the streamers and reuse for several events.  And then when their time in the sun is over, just toss them in your recycling bin.

What are your eco-friendly party ideas?


megwrites said...

I made these for a birthday party earlier this year. So easy and fun. Mine didn't look as nice as Oh Happy Day's, but they were cute, easy, almost free, and my kids really liked them.

Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

Yes, as long as you don't actually think they are going to look like Oh Happy Day's, you will probably be very pleased with the outcome. And, wonderful point, the fact that kids can absolutely help create them is a big plus.

Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

P.S. Lest anyone get the wrong idea about me (and my craftiness), that is about the only time I have been on Oh Happy Day's site, although it is just completely lovely and wonderful.

Lynn from said...

These are adorable! Love this idea! Wish more schools and churches would do this too!

Brenna @ Almost All The Truth said...

Great idea! I love that kids can actually help with this one too, plus any eco-friendly party decor is not always easy to come by without a lot more crafty talent than I have. ;)

Green Bean said...

What fun! We do something like this for Christmas. I'll have to bust out of my rut and try it for other celebrations as well.


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