Saturday, August 27, 2011

Farmers market report, Aug. 27

Going Green Mama shares her final market report of the summer....

This summer, with skyrocketing gas prices, I've been hesitant to travel beyond my most convenient farmers market. Our city and surrounding counties have so many choices, but the reality is that farmers are getting spread thin with so many locations, so there's the potential to see more variety when moving beyond home base.

Gas prices hovering around the $3.80 mark have put a squash on that, so to speak.

So today I was tickled to have an excuse to justify to myself to travel beyond our usual haunts. My husband made the mistake of leaving a car seat in the rental he used during car repairs, so we headed south to two towns' over to pick up the seat - and some produce.

We hit market #1 just as it was closing for the morning. Stands were picked over by 11 a.m., the market's closing time. One vendor made the comment that people are waiting a half-hour before the market opens each Saturday! So it may be worth an early trip sometime. The kids were tickled to trot around with the little red wagons stationed at the market, and they were eager to fill them up - as long as mom carried the heavy stuff. We skirted around the arts and crafts, apologized profusely to the grouchy man who got upset because my son picked up a jar of his wares and taste-tested some freezer sugar-free raspberry jam. We headed back with a watermelon (still optimistic I will get one good melon this summer!), some peaches, onions and cucumbers. No idea what I'll make with that combination!

Stopped by a yard sale on the way to the next town, where my husband works. There, the kids enjoyed themselves by checking out some goats no less while I whittled through the little boy clothes.

Stopped by market #2 as we approached my husband's work. That too, was on the verge of closing for the day, and most vendors were eagerly packing up to set about their day. Still, it was a nice change - just to get out and explore.

What did you find at the markets this weekend? Any great finds or disappointments?

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Elizabeth said...

Only drove down to the market and sent daughter in to pick up dozen Hmong spring rolls. Don't need much from market this time of is taking care of things. Also I have discovered over the years that I can have the vendors that I use frequently call me when they have just picked raspberries, cucumbers, finished suguring their syrup, etc and get directly from them any day of the week. Works good for me. I am getting daily sweet corn from the farm down the road now so I can stock up a years worth. Saves me from having everything piled on the weekend and also from having too big a load to carry. It's cheaper too for me to buy 12 doz ears at a time from the farmer than buy it at the market.

I will be busy with my tomatoes soon. Won't go to the market again, except for spring rolls, until time for pie pumpkins. I'll let the vendor I like know when I will be there and he and his wife will have an order ready for me, along with gourds and the inevitable Brussels sprouts he always tries to sell me. Not a b-sprout fan.

When the children were little we did more of the browsing bit like you mentioned, but they are grown, I know what everyone wants and likes in the pantry and it is all on routine for me now. Occasionally I will try a new recipe but everyone likes the standards.


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