Friday, September 2, 2011

Busy Week with Hurricane Irene

From Emerald Apron's Disaster Area

We got hit by Hurricane Irene on Sunday, which was very destructive to our area. We were fortunate at our house to never lose power, so we became the soup kitchen and shower area for our friends and family. My in-laws and my husband's business still don't have power back on as I'm writing this... Plus I started school this week in the craziness, but they decided the roads weren't safe for buses (they're not!) and some schools don't have power, to students won't start until after Labor Day, at least!

My family's farm was featured in a news story about crop damage. You can go here to watch it! My uncle, cousin and grandma did a great job!

Sorry I don't have a longer post today, it's been a busy week! Were you hit by Irene? How did you fare?

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