Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pin Up Girl

From the bean of Green Bean.

A couple months ago, I discovered Pinterest, a site that allows you to maintain digital bulletin boards of ideas you've come across on the Internet.  The site has a social media aspect in that others can follow your boards and you can follow other user's boards - making sharing of great ideas that much easier.

What does Pinterest have to do with a green blog?  Sure, there seem to be a huge number of folks using it to plan weddings and remodel their homes but there are also oodles and smoodles of money saving, environmentally happy ideas.

For instance, did you know that if you rub a walnut on a scratched or worn area of wood floor or wood furniture, it instantly looks good as new?  Picked that idea up from Pinterest this morning and it totally works!

Looking to organize or swap green cleaning recipes, this is the place.

Have you ever seen a floor tiled with pennies?  Scrabble tiles?  Wine barrel slats or wine crates?  A backplash made of bottle caps?

If you've ever been interested in repurposing or upcycling, you'll love this magical place where everything old is something else new.

Old skateboards are shelves and swings.

Broken chairs hold bath towels and a doll house becomes a shelf in a laundry room.

Bottles are not recycled but reused to hold bracelets, edge a garden, a chicken waterer, or light the night.

And mason jars are EVERYTHING!

If you have not checked out Pinterest, toodle on over.   Here's a link to my Upcycled, Repurposed, and Reused board.  You do need an invitation to join so ask a friend or leave your email address here and I'll send you one.

Become a pin up girl, do it yourself and never ever throw anything away again!


dixiebelle said...

I joined, but then resisted. I spend enough time on the laptop as it is! I was using Facebook to keep/ bookmark my links/ interests, but now they've changed something (again) and it's not so easy to look back through, so might have to pintrance myself after all!

SharleneT said...

I've requested an invite and will slowly figure it out. Thanks for sharing. Love your board. Come visit when you can.

Stephanie G. said...

Ha! I just did a blog post about exactly why Pinterest helps us greenies. Great minds think alike! I provided a link to my boards if you're curious :)

Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

What a great use for Pinterest. I heard about it a while back on the mommy blogs, but haven't gotten into it much. The visual organization is pretty brilliant -- I'll have to start using it for green ideas. I'm sure it works really well for crafty ideas (of course) and kid activities too.

Leslie R. said...

Those are awesome reuse ideas. Love it!

Kristen said...

I already loved pinterest, but now I love it even more! I love your board!

pathtogreen said...

Thanks for sharing. What a great board you've got going on! I've requested an invite and am excited to try it out. My list of bookmarks and shared links on facebook is so jumbled.

Green Bean said...

@dixiebelle - I agree. I'm trying to limit online time but I justify it as organization. ;-)

@Sharlene - Thank you! I hope you like Pinterest.

@Stephanie - Great minds think alike!

@Betsy - Oh yes! Lots of great craft ideas (you can even organize seasonally) and great ideas for kids. Lots of homeschoolers on Pinterest so a ton of fun ideas for teaching kids skills.

@Leslie - Thank you!

@Kristen - Thank you! Isn't it great to see new uses for something so fun.

@pathtogreen - Thanks! It is so much easier to organize on Pinterest than FB for me too!

Saelok said...

These are so inspirational! I want to join Pinterest but need an Invite. Is this too old to ask?
My email is: ouinryze at gmail dot com

robbie @ going green mama said...

I finally caved and set up an account. It's addicting to go through!

Robbie @ Going Green Mama said...

@Saelok - sent you an invite

Saelok said...

Thanx for the gesture and taking the Time! Loving it already!


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