Monday, October 10, 2011

The Green Phone Booth Turns 1000!!!

As in this is our 1000th post.  

The Green Phone Booth, or the Booth as we call it, was started by four writers back in October 2008 as a collective space for green bloggers.  The idea was that the bloggers could share the work of blogging, support one another and create a mini-community within a blog. 

Over the years, several writers have retired from and joined the Booth and continued blogging about the green life.  A big thank you to each and every blogger who has blogged here and each and every reader who has joined us on our journey.  

Here are the bloggers who have helped us reach 1000:


Alison blogged once a month from January to August 2011, when she took a sabbatical from the Booth and blogging.  Read her thought-provoking posts about consumerism, climate change and living lightly here.  


Burbanmom was a founding member of this blog and retired from the Booth - and blogging - in January 2009.  Her laugh out loud funny posts about life as a busy green mom can be found here.  Of green blogging, Erin writes: "Although I now consider myself a 'recovering eco-holic', I'm so glad that I took the time to start my eco-blog.  I learned a lot about the environment, political participation, the power of individual actions and I met some wonderful people along the way!  Although I'm no longer blogging, I continue my quest to live lightly and to impart to my children the importance of environmental consciousness."  


After a few Meaningful Memory posts in 2010, Eco-Novice became a Booth blogger in August 2011.  On Wednesdays or Thursdays, you can read Eco-Novice's posts about reducing toxins, reusing and going green in the kitchen or visit her personal blog Going Green Gradually, chock full of superheroine thoughts on how to live lightly.  Of blogging here, Eco-Novice writes: "Originally, I started blogging as a place to dump information.  I was doing all this research, and would often find myself typing up page-long emails to friends and family who had questions, and decided a blog might be a good way to keep the information handy and accessible for those interested.  Now I find that writing about my green journey is not only a good outlet for me to keep up my research and writing skills (without having to report to a boss!), but also often motivates me to make more changes more often than I otherwise would.  I have long-admired The Green Phone Booth (I mean - what a great idea, right?), and am excited to be contributing here.  Being a part of The Green Phone Booth community, first as a reader and commenter, and now as a poster, has been a fun and effective way for me to connect with and learn from others also trying to be greener."  


Ecowonder joined the Booth in January 2009 and retired from blogging six months later.  During those six months, though, Ecowonder amused readers with hilarious anecdotes and the kind of blow-your-mind green tips that only the mother of four rowdy boys could give.  Her posts can be found here.  


Of writing at the Booth, the Emerald Apron says "I remember way back when the Green Phone Booth first began, founded by a group of inspiring women.  I admired each of them for their commitment to sustainability and their personal stories.  They shared their dreams, successes and struggles.  I was so flattered, proud and thrilled when the superwomen at the Green Phone Booth asked me to join them.  I started my own personal blog, Farmer's Daughter, back in March of 2008 as a way to chronicle my journey toward sustainability.  As the years went on, my blog focused less on going green and more on my family's farm and my son Joshua; it's now more of a virtual scrapbook than a green blog.  Writing for the Green Phone Booth has brought me back into the welcoming arms of the green blogging community, a group of women and men that I have found to be incredibly supportive and knowledgeable.  We come from many different walks of life but we all strive to discover sustainability within our own realities.  It has been almost a year since I joined the Green Phone Booth as eco-hero Emerald Apron and I have gained so much in that time: new bloggy friendships, camaraderie of this group of busy women who are trying to do 'it all' and save the planet, and a (paying!) job writing for the Moms Clean Air Force.  Joining the Green Phone Booth has helped me to strive toward becoming the kind of blogger, mother, wife and woman that I want to be."   The Emerald Apron joined the Booth in January 2011 and shares her living from scratch tips and passion for clean air here every other Friday.  


The first blogger to join the Booth after the four founders (in fall of 2008), Envirorambo shared over 100 posts here. She made us laugh, taught us how to avoid reusables, embrace reuse and be green and proud.  Envirorambo retired from the Booth - but not blogging - in December 2010.  Envirorambo now blogs at Midnight Manic, where she hosts a weekly magnificent Meatless Monday blog carnival and demonstrates how fashionable second hand can be.  Envirorambo says of blogging at the Booth: "Being at the booth meant not being alone.  When I first embarked on my green journey, I felt isolated.  My family thought I was nuts, my friends didn't understand me and I had no one to talk to. . .  except the eco-heroes at the GPB and its like-minded readers.  It was encouraging and inspiring.  I learned that it's okay to be different than those around you.  Just listen to your inner voice and follow your heart.  If you are passionate about your beliefs and confident in your choices, others will accept them.  And if they don't, that's okay too.  You're not really alone.  Somewhere in the world there are people who think just like you . . .  perhaps a whole Green Phone Booth full." 


In addition to keeping up her namesake blog, Going Green Mama has been holding down Saturdays at the Booth for nearly two years!  Her nearly 100 posts here share tips for saving green, doing it yourself and raising green kids.  She also hosted Farmers Market Updates here last summer.


Green Bean is the only founding Boother still blogging at the Booth - though she did take several months off from blogging in 2010.  That is the beauty of the Booth.  The door is always open!  Green Bean has written over 150 posts - mostly about urban homesteading, second hand living and activism here.   Green Bean also writes a personal blog, Green Bean Chronicles.  Of writing at the Booth, Green Bean has enjoyed the support, the opportunity to share ideas and the comfort of knowing that she is never alone.  Writing here has pushed Green Bean to live more lightly, be more politically active and be a more hands on parent.


Jenn became a Boother in January 2010 and has been brainstorming recipes, transportation and DIY tips here ever since.  Truly a superhero, Jenn also maintains a frequently updated personal blog, It's Not Easy Being Green where she shares her day to day eco-adventures.  Of green blogging, Jenn writes: "I started my blog, honestly, as a place to keep track of my recipes and links and experiences as I tried to green my and my family's life. Then it expanded to being a place where, when a friend or six asked me for a recipe or information or what-have-you, I could send them there instead of sending the same email five or six times. was fun. I kept reading other green blogs, and my admiration for this amazing community of people kept growing, and it's become a really important part of my life--being able not just to share what I've learned but also to approach this wonderfully wise group of people with my own questions and doubts, and to get encouragement or solutions for the many things I can't figure out on my own. Because, you know, we shouldn't have to figure it out on our own. I feel like this group of green bloggers is slowly re-learning all these lost arts of conservation, frugality, preservation, and light living. (Even the phrase "light living" came from one of my new Internet friends, and I love it.) Greening our lives is a journey, and being part of this community means having people to walk with and not needing to go it on our own."


A Green Phone Booth founder, JessTrev focused on toxin-free living until she retired - from the Booth and blogging - in February 2010.  Of the Booth, this superheroine says: "The Green Phone Booth is a pretty remarkable space where people who care passionately--about living more gently and simply on this earth--can hang out and share their ideas, their twisted humor, and their joy in figuring out new tricks of the eco-trade. Many thanks to those who are currently writing and sharing. It's a labor of love but labor nonetheless!"


Starting in Spring of 2009, Jess Nichols was a regular guest poster.  She wrote one Friday a month to share thoughts on eco-decorating, green art, and living local.  She retired from the Booth but still maintains her sumptuous photography blog, Sweet Eventide.   Of blogging for  the Booth, Jess writes: "I remember feeling totally unqualified to be a regular guest poster at the Green Phone Booth back when I was offered the opportunity.  After all, I was no eco super hero then (or now, we still buy a roll of recycled, unbleached paper towels here or there shockingly enough).  What I learned from the community at the Booth is that we are all on a green journey and every place on the journey is valuable.  I care deeply about the issues covered at the Booth every day and new habits take time to form, and that is more than okay.  Caring is good, and doing is better.  There is always going to be more that can be done -- someone will always be doing less than I am and someone will always be doing more.  Isn't that pretty  much the way life goes?  I am honored to have been a small part of such a motivational, inspirational, group of people." 


After donning her cape in January 2011, Retro Housewife has been sharing super secrets every Tuesday about ditching disposables, becoming active in politics and greener choices.  Of green blogging, Retro Housewife says: "Environmental and social justice issues are very important to me and I feel that through my blog and blogs like the Green Phone Booth, I can help others make change in their own lives and the lives of others. Blogging is a great form of activism since you can reach so many people at once."


Over the years, Sustainamom was a frequent guest poster, until we roped her in on a regular basis in January 2011.  She writes about gardening and raising green kids in a toxic world here.  


Between July 2009 to July 2011, Erin, The Conscious Shopper, wrote nearly 150 posts ranging from living green while saving green to being an activist with children to finding the green to fit you.  While at the Booth, Erin handled much of the administrative details of the Booth - lining up guest posters, juggling the calendar, checking the email account and so on.  She retired from the Booth in late July 2011 with one of the best sum-it-all up posts ever and now maintains on a family blog.  Of the Phone Booth, The Conscious Shopper says: "When I was invited to write for the Green Phone Booth more than two years ago, I felt like the total dweeb new kid in school being invited to sit with the cool kids at lunch.  I was so flattered, but also so scared I'd say something stupid!  Thankfully, the cool kids at the Green Phone Booth turned out to be the most wonderful, welcoming and warm group of women that I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  I've loved being part of such a great community." 


A Queen of DIY, Greenhabilitator took the Booth by storm in August 2009 with ideas for repurposing, cooking, eco-decorating and raising green kids.  Read her thoughts here.  She retired from the Booth - but not blogging - in December 2010.  Catch up with this still-superhero at her personal blog, My So-Called Green Life for great green crafting tips and more.  Of writing at the Booth, Greenhabilitator says: "Writing at the Green Phone Booth helped me determine what my niche would be in the world of green blogs.  I had the opportunity to explore so many topics and really pinpoint what interested and motivated me.  What a fabulous experience!" 


The Green Raven was one of the four founders of the Booth and wrote regularly until June 2009 - when the phone wouldn't stop ringing. The Booth was lucky enough to have The Green Raven pop in for a few subsequent guest posts and the blogosphere is lucky enough to continue to hear from her over at her personal blog, Lifetime Reading Plan.  While at the Booth, the Raven wrote about homeschooling, knitting, and going green for Jewish holidays here.


Truffula writes monthly at the Booth about gardening, urban homesteading and crafting.  She joined back in May of 2009 and we are delighted to still read her thoughtful monthly posts.  Of the Booth, she writes: " I love being a part of the GPB because it is a magical place.  It's easy to feel alone on this enviro-journey and to wonder what good it really does to whip out your cloth napkin, to try out an enviro-skill for the first time, or to flush the toilet only when it's really necessary   The GPB features a multiplying effect: its sheroes and readers regularly demonstrate that those individual efforts, questions, and quests actually do add up to (much) more than the sum of the parts . . . and inspire me to keep at it."  

Whew! After these 1000 posts, we are going to take the week off to celebrate!  See you all next Monday, October 17th for more green living and homesteading posts, Meaningful Memories and good old fashioned Boothiness.

In the meantime, join the Facebook page for in between post links, discussions and walks down memory lane.


Kristen said...

Happy 1000th post! And thanks for the recap of who's who. :)

Jenn the Greenmom said...

Okay, so who DID originate the phrase "light living"--it's used already on this post something like three times. I love it.

As a Boother I'm enjoying this too, and I'm learning a lot about all y'all that I didn't already know--Betsy, it sounds like you and I started blogging for pretty much the same reasons!

Rebecca Jean said...

What an amazing group of women. I'm honored and humbled to be among them.

You ladies rocked my world and changed my life. I hope The Booth goes on to write another 1000 posts and inspire a whole new batch of greenies!

Much love,
Rebecca Jean
Midnight Maniac
aka EnviRambo

Farmer's Daughter said...

Thanks so much to Green Bean for compiling this whole post! As I said, I love being a part of the Booth and I'm hoping to stay for a while!

aka Farmer's Daughter
aka Emerald Apron

Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

It's like I joined an NFL team just before they won the super bowl! 1000 -- that is A LOT of posts. Thanks for writing a great recap post, Green Bean. I thought the same thing when I read your blurb, Jenn.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

What a great round up of so many inspiring women. And so fun to hear from the retired Boothers again!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! An amazing bunch of inspirational women and 1000 posts-that is pretty incredible.

Kellie said...

Happy 1000th GPB! It was an honor to write for the blog and to meet so many fabulous women!

Jessica Nichols said...

1,000 posts chock-full of motivation and inspiration and the GPB is still going strong! So...when is the book coming out? :)

Green Bean said...

This has been such a fun fun ride! I've met and gotten to know so many amazing women and putting this post together was really a walk down memory lane for me. Thank you all!!

Liz said...

Thank you to anyone who has made one of those 1000 posts - I really enjoy reading this blog.

Enjoy your week off :)


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