Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meaningful Memories: Pumpkin Patch Edition

From Emerald Apron's family farm

I grew up on a small farm in New England, so I spent every weekend during the months of September and October in the apple orchar or pumpkin patch, hopping on the back of a horse drawn hayride or baking a tray of pies. I have fond memories of playing in the hay maze with my cousins, making cider with my parents and brothers, and dressing up to scare people during our haunted hayrides. My childhood on the farm is a big part of my identity and I'm very hopeful to share those experiences with my son Joshua.

We don't live on the farm anymore, but we are only a few minutes down the road. We visit every weekend and Joshua has a blast with his extended family. He pretends to drive the tractors, knows how to shine an apple on his pant leg and loves to load pumpkins in a wagon.

We've started a traditional costume party at the farm so Joshua can share the fall fun with his friends. Our guests come dressed in their costumes, we spend time looking at the animals in the petting zoo and sharing snacks, then we go for a half-hour hayride through the apple orchard, by the pumpkin patch, through the woods and over a covered bridge on the farm. I love these parties because I feel like a tourist! As a child, days spent at the farm were work days sprinkled with bits of fun here and there. But now, as a mom, I no longer wait on customers or bake tray after endless tray of pies. It's all fun and no work!

I look forward to sharing harvest season traditions with Joshua and our family. I have started a fall scrapbook and intent to add a few pages every year, so we can get it out every year to look back at costumes and share memories. How does your family celebrate autumn?

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Alice said...

How awesome to grow up somewhere like that, Abbie! Just this year, I started a photo album of the kids each Halloween - their costumes and them at the pumpkin patch. It has been fun to put together and I look forward to getting it out each year with the Halloween decorations. I plan to start one for the Christmas holidays as well.


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