Sunday, October 9, 2011

Phone Booth Flashback

Welcome to the Phone Booth Flashback, where we take a trip down memory lane so you can catch up on posts from the Booth's past.

Last Year:

Taking a Bite Out of Second-Hand: Green Bean confesses that the bed bug scare does make her think twice before buying used.

Conscious Shopper Challenge: Eat Seasonally: The Conscious Shopper offers tips - all the way from Baby Steps to Marathon Runner - for eating with the seasons and persuades why eating that way is so much better - for us and for the planet.

100th Post {A Celebratory Giveaway}: In celebration of her 100th post at the Green Phone Booth, Envirorambo hosts a giveaway of recycled 7th generation trash bags. 

My Frivolous and Green Halloween: Lisa from Condo Blues writes a guest post on her favorite holiday. She offers tips on incorporating natural items into one's Halloween decor and embracing reuse for Halloween costumes.

What Can You Live Without?: After a co-worker's house burns to the ground, Going Green Mama ponders what material possessions we truly cannot live without.

When Life Hands You Virginia Creeper, Make Baskets: Truffula turns an invasive plant into a valuable tool for making baskets.  

Two Years Ago:

Climate Change: Life's Little Convenience Charge: The Greenhabilitator argues that individual action must be coupled with activism to battle climate change.

Are You An Effective Green Missionary? Take the Quiz and Find Out: The Conscious Shopper offers an entertaining and spot-on quiz that measures our ability to speak on for the environment.

Thanksgiving or Giving Thanks: In a thoughtful post about gratitude, Truffula and her sons volunteer at their CSA farm and learn that sustainable taking requires giving back.

The Great Apple Diet: Green Bean hosts Superheroes Secrets where the focus is on reuse in apparel and for crafts, apple recipes and garden graveyards.

Pumpkin Delight: The Greenhabilitator shares a delicious-looking recipe for pumpkin muffins and swears that she will never again buy pumpkin in a can.

Finding My Work: Green Bean revels in the "work" that constitutes urban farming.

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