Sunday, October 23, 2011

Phonebook Flashback: Halloween Edition

Welcome to the Phone Booth Flashback, where we take a trip down memory lane so you can catch up on posts from the Booth's past.  In this post, we take a look at past Halloween posts, as part of our Meaningful Memories Holiday Challenge.


Simple School Party: Olive S. Oyl shares easy ideas for a simple and green kindergarten Halloween party, after deciding that you don't need to go high maintenance to compensate for no sugar.

The Real Deal: Green Bean discusses why DIY Halloween costumes are the most memorable and most meaningful.


Pumpkin Delight: The Greenhabilitator shares a delicious-looking recipe for pumpkin muffins and swears that she will never again buy pumpkin in a can.

Getting Trashed on Halloween: Green Bean reveals the fun of making robot and bat costumes from trash, the recycling bin, and Freecycle.

Superhero Secrets: Greenhabilitator has a list of ideas to help you use up all those candies and wrappers from trick-or-treating.


Avoiding the Halloween headache of consumerism: Going Green Mama discusses ways to reduce the wastefulness of Halloween while still letting your kids enjoy the festivities, including creating costumes from what's in your closet, DIY treat bags, and alternative treats to candy.

My Frivolous and Green Halloween: Lisa from Condo Blues writes a guest post on her favorite holiday. She offers tips on incorporating natural items into one's Halloween decor and embracing reuse for Halloween costumes.

Reclaimed Halloween Costumes: Going Green Mama provides last-minute inspiration for creating Halloween costumes using reclaimed items from your closet or thrift shop.

A Simple, Green Halloween: Guest poster Yancy of Five Seed shares ways to decorate, eat, dress up, celebrate, and trick-or-treat in green and simple ways.

Halloween Costume Parade: Conscious Shopper hosts a virtual parade of homemade, thrifted, and recycled Halloween costumes from the Green Phone Booth community that could provide your inspiration for this year's costume!


And in case you missed Going Green Mama's recent Halloween posts: DIY Halloween Costumes and I've Created a Monster.

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Green Bean said...

So many great Halloween ideas that I had forgotten about! Thanks for wrapping this all up with a nice recycled bow. ;-)


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