Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

I'm not feeling very good today so I'm going to share a video about extreme weather and climate change. Oklahoma has had a year of record breaking weather events making this all the more interesting.

Has your area had extreme weather events lately?


Elizabeth said...

Hmmm, everything seems normal here, not too hot , not too cold (out of the ordinary that is) for NE Wisconsin.

Lisa Sharp said...

Oklahoma has been anything but normal. Didn't Wisconsin have a very hot and humid summer?

Elizabeth said...

Nothing too out of the ordinary. Every once in awhile we get a real batch of humidity. It was in the high 9o's for a week or so. We did have a too cool and wet spring though that continued into June, which I remember having back about in 96 or 97.

Elizabeth said...

We are expected to have a very warm Thanksgiving which will be a nice change from the usual snow. We had this back when my 21 year old soon to be 22 on 12-2 was in 1st grade. It was in the low 60's on her birthday.

Lisa mentioned the humidity. That is just to be expected, not at bad as in the southern states but we are "wet" here, lots of water in the air , ground, all around us. That's why we usually have the wetter packier snow also, rather that that dry stuff I have seen out west on trips.


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