Sunday, November 20, 2011

In which Going Green Mama gets a bit nostalgic...

The last time I remember visiting my grandmother's house for winter holidays, I was still in school. But what always struck me about her small home was the large life packed in her kitchen.

Her old wooden table was stretched to the limits with extension after extension, aided by a few card tables tucked at the sides. Cousins and aunts and uncles (and we had a lot of them) sat shoulder to shoulder through the meal, and even then there wasn't much room to manuever once you got up.

We rarely did make the 16-hour drive up to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving and Christmas - weather was always the deciding factor - but it was always worth the drive, the elbows in the back seat, the hours of bright sun shining in our faces, even the arguments maong us cramped kids in the car.

So today at the Booth, I'm passing along a few of my grandmother's holiday dinner favorites, along with other Boother's choices for sharing at the Thanksgiving table. Enjoy!

And if you're like us, and start your Christmas cookie baking Thanksgiving weekend after the dishes have cleared, check out my archive of Grandma's cookie recipes, including our fifth-generation sugar cookies.

Other Booth Thanksgiving Day favorites:

What special dish are you bringing to the table Thursday? Share your favorites and post links to any recipes below.

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