Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Tale of the Magic Trash Cans

These Magic Trash Cans live all over the world but rarely are reported as using their powers outside of Oklahoma and parts of the surrounding states. They are pretty common creatures but it's hard to find one using it's powers because they are a very secretive species. 

Some people have learned of the Magic Trash Cans' powers and enjoy the benefits they give to them. They are able to put their trash in these Magic Trash Cans and with very little effort on their part the trash will soon disappear. Or that's what some people believe. 

Are these Magic Trash Cans real? If so, how do they work? Well they are very much real and are found all over, you have seen many in your life time but you likely know them as pick-up trucks. It is also true that if you put your trash in the back of a pick-up truck and drive down the highway your trash will likely disappear but it's not magic or even really gone. It's wind and the trash is now all over the highway and sides of the roads. So now that the truth is out there we must spread this message and put a stop to this harmful practice.

And yes people really do this around here. No I don't believe they really think the trash is disappearing, they just don't care where it is going as long as it's gone.

Photo credits: fryske


Anonymous said...

It is a common "magical" occurance in Montana and Idaho as well. I guess that is one benefit to the SUV-there is no bed of the truck magical garbage can!

Lisa Sharp said...

haha yup!


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