Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Going Green...Facebook Style!

Depending on where you live, sometimes the best green community you can find will be online. Yes, it is all too easy to waste time reading tweets and status updates. But if you live in a green desert (such as *cough, cough* Mississippi), sometimes tools like Facebook are the most effective community to be found. On Facebook I can ask for advice or read statuses and messages to discover:

1. Which vendor at the farmer's market is running a special on no-spray blueberries.

2. Who has an extra potty seat that they are giving away.

3. Where the municipal glass recycling facility has moved to. (That's right. My city won't tell me, but Facebook will!)

4. When my local used children's clothing store is having a big sale.

5. Who has a great homemade holiday gift idea.

...and much more!

The Kelly Green Giant wants to know - how does Facebook strengthen your green community?


Laura said...

I'm going to be completely honest and tell you that 80% of my green/natural friendships are internet based. In a way, it's ok. I'm not cramming in 7 playdates in a week and I can email my friends responses while I'm nursing at 3am. But there are times when I do truly long for more local naturalminded friendships. However, it should be said that by my constant status postings and link sharings, I've started to expand my 20% and find more and more mamas in my area who don't want to be slaves to consumerism. So in my mind, Facebook is one of the best "green" resources out there!

Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

I don't use FB much -- I'm impressed that it's such a green resource for you!

Simply Authentic said...

I honestly have had some of the best FB posts showing up recently. While I've been into the whole "greener" lifestyle for sevearl years, this week demonstrated to me that it's truly going mainstream. As much as I know it's unhealthy and non-green, I still use regular creamers. My post about it, raised quite the response about how there are healthier options. The fact that I was getting "schooled" by others I never expected to go the "green" route, totally made my entire week! I'm also noticing that Pinterest is becoming a place where more and more "green changes" are being shared.....

Green Bean said...

I've found FB, Twitter and blogging to be such a great resource for connecting with like-minded individuals, uncovering green resources, and sharing green information. Forget mainstream media when you want to know about something green! Just hit the Internet. :) Nice post.

Rosa said...

I love Facebook, and a lot of our local activist & green groups are super active there - our Transition Town, free market, potluck group, seed swaps, clothing exchanges, and Occupy groups all share events & updates that way.

Also without Facebook I never remembered anyone's birthday, so that's helpful too.


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