Saturday, February 18, 2012

Peer Pressure at the Booth

As Sustainamom pops in for a visit at the booths, she ponders the eternal perception: "Everyone else is doing it..."

I can almost hear my dad asking, "Will you jump off a bridge if all your friends jump?"

Maybe.... If they all live to tell about it!

I find inspiration in reading posts by green bloggers. I'm inspired to try everything from gardening to composting. If fellow green bloggers put an idea in my head, it may take a while for me to act on the thought, but I'm grateful for the motivation when I finally do act upon it.

And today I want to thank a few bloggers who've inspired me to make my shower more sustainable!

Thanks to Beth of My Plastic Free Life and Rebecca of Midnight Maniac, I finally bought a safety razor — and I love it! The word "safety" really bothered me. Somehow it made the razor sound dangerous. So I'd been using my last plastic razor head for the Venus razor I bought several years ago for waaaay too long. It got to the point that it was actually painful to shave with such a dull blade and I knew I had to do something and I really didn't want to spend a fortune on more plastic razor heads. So I finally jumped... and chose a Merkur long handle razor with good reviews and I am so pleased. The shape of the razor makes the blade slide across your skin at the right angle so you don't cut yourself. Even my knobby knees have remained nick-free. The one single blade gives a close shave, and it is so comfortable.

Now I just need to decide which type of replacement blades to buy. I like the blades that came with the razor, but they have mixed reviews so I'm wondering if there are even better options out there. Any recommendations?

Thanks to our own Conscious Shopper, who wrote, "No Poo Convert," I'm a part-time no-pooer. I can't seem to go without washing my curly hair every day. The baking soda is a little too much for everyday use — my hair gets dry. So I switch between the healthy, all natural shampoos and baking soda with an apple cider vinegar rinse and it all balances out. (Except the plastic. Now that my hair is more used to the natural methods and not always greasy, I need to give the shampoo bar another try. Right, Beth?)

Next up, I really want to make soap like Soule Mama — or maybe shampoo bars like the Crunchy Chicken...

Off what bridges have green bloggers inspired you to jump? What plunge would you like to take next? Link to some inspiring posts to share the motivation!

Photo by Nicholas•B on Flickr

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Kate said...

I bought the same Merkur razor last year. It is nice. I also got the Israeli blades Beth Terry recommended...and it was like 100 blades for 15 bucks or something crazy cheap like that. Recommended.

Michelle | Green Earth Bazaar said...

I love the inspiration here! A safety razor was the first razor I ever used when I first began shaving - I loved it. I've been looking for another one lately. Right now I use an electric wet/dry shaver, but have been thinking of trying sugaring too. Have any of you tried it?

Laura said...

Me too! I almost rely on the practical experience others blog about before making a decision to change anything in my life. :) I will say, though, that I'm *this close* to family cloth after reading so many posts about it! Sometimes, a little peer pressure is all you need to get over your insecurities about change and do it.

Green Bean said...

So many of my ideas came from green bloggers - reusing and repurposing, canning, making more and more of my food from scratch. And, like you, making soap is also on my to do list!

panamamama said...

Oooh! I've been wanting to get a safety razor. My hubby wants a straight razor but the idea of that and kids freaks me out. Thanks and I might jump too!

SustainaMom said...

Thanks, Kate!

Michelle - I've read about sugaring, so the seed has been planted but I haven't tried it yet. We'd all love to hear about it if you try it!

Laura, it is so much easier when someone else goes first, isn't it? I also use honey to wash my face because of a guest post by Amber Strocel here at the Booth. And I thought she was cra-azy when I first read it!

Green Bean, I wish we lived on the same coast. I'd love to have a soap-making party :)

Panamamama, jump!!

AmyH said...

I have the same "no-poo" issue. My hair is curly and fairly short, and if I don't wash it every day the curls just turn fuzzy. I'm also having the same problem with using baking soda - it's too much for every day. What natural shampoo/conditioner do you use on your off days? Thanks!


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