Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring cleaning for my thoughts

From the laundry basket of the Homegrown Mama

I was going to post about amazing disinfecting qualities of the sun today, but a different topic in Spring Cleaning has been going through my mind lately: Weight loss and cleaning up my attitude about the path necessary to achieve my goals.  Here's the thing: in the last 5 years, I've been pregnant 6 times.  My 2 pregnancies that have gone full term have had perfect weight gain, but the other 4... not so much.  I'm sitting on a good deal of extra weight and although spending a lot of time outside playing with the kids and eating "healthy" foods, it's not budging.

Two months ago, I set myself up with a friend of mine who is a trainer for Mommy and Me Fitness and have been working like a mad woman ever since.  I've drastically changed my eating habits, so much that I'm personally consuming a minimum of 15 pounds of raw vegetables and fruits a week.  Yet, no matter how many classes I attend a week, no matter how few calories I consume per day, I haven't seen much of a difference on the scale.  Last night, while running with the class, I was so tired.  I fell further and further behind the class and just couldn't get it together to even start to catch up.  Back in my college days, I used to pray while I ran.  I would pray for strength and for the people in my life who need strength.  So I started praying last night and soon enough, I was bawling as I ran.  I finished class and went home, where I sobbed to my husband about how frustrated I was with my growth.

That's what exercise is, though.  Growth.  This Spring as I clean out the flower beds and plan my garden, I anticipate growth.  I know that with my garden, it takes time.  There isn't a quick fix and poof!  Harvest!  We spend time with our gardens; choosing the right plan, the right seeds, we water and cultivate and are patient.  How then does it figure that as I am so careful and patient with my garden, I cannot be patient with myself?  How is it that I resist all the chemicals touted to improve my garden's production, I am sometimes tempted by the infomercials on tv?  And how is it, that I'm willing to spend hours on my knees weeding, but running another 2 minutes is just too much?

Last night, as I rubbed my aching legs, I realized that right now, I need to treat my self the same way I treat my garden.  I need to be patient, gracious and dedicated.  I need to spend time weeding out the poor attitudes of defeat and discouragement.  I need to make sure I'm getting enough water and enough proper feeding.  When the time is right, I'll harvest if I can be faithful.  

How about you?  Has your garden inspired any changes in your mindset this Spring?


Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

I love this analogy to gardening. Kingsolver compares gardening to child-rearing. Never-ending, constant, etc. So many things in life are this way. I think gardening has a lot of lessons for us (the biblical writers sure thought so). I'm not a gardener now, but I hope to be one soon!

Laura said...

I hadn't thought of that... I loved her book and all her analogies! And perhaps keeping that in mind would be beneficial considering my toddler's temperament! :)


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