Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Staying Positive When Your Neighbor Puts Trash in Their Recycling Bin

I was riding my bike around my neighborhood today and trash cans were making their way out because tomorrow is trash day. I was pretty discouraged by one house, which almost always has an overflowing trash can, however today was even worse than normal. Their 95 gallon trash can was overflowing into their recycling bin, as you can see in the picture below.

People can get more trash cans and they are pretty darn cheap so this is really silly. It also sometimes has me questioning all the work. I even helped get this trash service and curbside recycling to my town and often have to hear people complain about it and not following the simple instructions.

So how do you keep hope? Well, it's important to remember you aren't alone. Blogs like this one help remind me of that and also I remember at one point I wasn't doing all I am now. I drank bottled water, I didn't recycle as much as I do now, I used single serving food, and so on. So there is hope people will end up on a similar path.

Also focus on the positive. A couple of days ago I learned participation is up to approximately 70-80 percent participation. And not long ago it was only 25 percent! So even this small town, where many don't believe in climate change, change is happening. So we must all stay strong and remember what we are doing matters!

Do you find yourself discouraged when you see others not doing their part?


Jen said...

We have a green bin program here for compost and I hate that on garbage day so few people have bins out. It is so easy why wouldn't they do it!

bd said...

I do but as soon as I go down that road of thought I think of something I could do better. I have to keep it focused on me because I can do something about me, and there's always room for improvement.

However! Cigarette butts thrown out windows.......argh!

Rosa said...

The thing that discourages me the most is when so-called greenies are the source of the problem.

Some people just don't care - we can try to make them fewer, but as long as they don't care, they won't change.

On the other hand, when I go walking along the river and there's all this plastic waste from outdoor enthusiasts - organic vegan snack bags, high-performance energy bars, craft beer bottles & cans - it's just depressing. The overall level of plastic waste is depressing (this is the Mississippi river - anything we don't pick up is going to end up down in the Gulf of Mexico eventually) but when it's "my people" it makes me feel worse.


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