Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wondering about Water

This fall, our Brownie troop will be starting a badge series on the Wonders of Water. The environmentalist in me is thrilled (especially since it wasn't my idea!). You forget how essential water is to everything you do until you really break it down - from basic survival to entertainment.

We've just begun our planning, but the ideas are endless - everything from water testing to growing mushrooms. I think it will be an interesting year!

Our two challenges are this: Limiting ourselves to activites that can be tackled in one meeting a month, and determining our service project relating to water. (Think of it almost as a capstone project for grade school girls.)

Today, I'm opening it up to Boothers. If you could propose a service project for second graders relating to water, what would you suggest?

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Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

If you live near an ocean or lake, a beach clean-up could be a nice, eye-opening service project. You could talk about how garbage affects ocean life (and us! since we eat things that live in the ocean). I still remember my brownie (girl scout?) unit on the water cycle with accompanying coloring book. One activity could be making a book about conserving water -- girl could draw and color one page.


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