Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Million Tiny Things: Review

The children are watching. And they take notice.

At the end of the day, it's not whether you're writing letters to congressmen that your sons and daughters see; it's the small steps you take in life that they resound to.

Maybe it's the cry over polar ice caps or global warming spurred on by your one-time use of hairspray. Or worrying about how best to preserve (and oddly, reuse) your dying horse. The kids have taken on your values. And that might be your greatest legacy of all.

Kenna Lee's enjoyable  new book, A Million Tiny Thins: One mother's desperate search for hope in a changing climate, she balances her dream of creating a better world for the next generation and fears of what her children might inherit with the realities of juggling career, relationships, parenting, time and money. It's a delicate balance, one that may tip to one side or another at times, but truly a juggling act.

Her story resonates clear with many parents trying to do the "right thing," but I'll admit by mid-book, I was hoping she'd have that aha moment, that moment of clarity where it all comes clear. But the reality is, while you can create your own sense of what works, circumstances in our lives - those we can control and those we can't - continue to evolve.

What Lee ultimately realizes is that you don't have to create a great movement to make change; in fact it's the million tiny things we do in our life that truly tell the story of who you are and what you stand for.

Kenna's book comes out for Mother's Day, but I'm giving away my copy of the book to a GPB reader to enjoy! To enter, leave your favorite "little" tip for being green. I'll announce a winner next Saturday.

- Robbie at Going Green Mama


Bethesda Locavore said...

This sounds like a beautiful book! I suppose my favorite "tip" for being green right now is to just go outside. Somehow spending the day outside - hiking, whatever - just fills me up and takes away all (okay, most) desire to go out and buy stuff.

Kit Lofroos said...

One green tip I do: cut up ans old towel & make hand towels, or a dish washing cloth.

Jenn the Greenmom said...

Yesterday we got stuck in traffic and found ourselves stopped RIGHT beside the Aspelundh truck in the process of chain-sawing down a huge and lovely old tree; I think they are widening the road or something. My daughter took one look and burst into tears.

I love it when the little people grow up learning to care as much as--or more than--we do. Does that count as a "green tip"? I don't know...but talking about it, and sharing the whats and the whys with our kids...huge.

She is the Lorax. She weeps for the trees.


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