Sunday, April 8, 2012

Phone Booth Flashback: Spring Cleaning Edition

In honor of March's Spring Cleaning theme, here are some blasts from the past about cleaning.

Getting Rid of Stuff
Organizing Myself (and not in that gauche community organizer way) and Lightening My Load (Freecycle Rampage) by JessTrev (2008)
Free yourself! by EnviRambo (2009)
Fighting Clutter by JessTrev (2009)
The Great Purge of 2010 by Going Green Mama (2010)
Cleaning out for a cause: It's a shoe-in by Going Green Mama (2010)
Clutter: The cost of conservation? by Going Green Mama (2010)
School Clutter by guest poster Jess of Sweet Eventide (2010)
Clearing Clutter Consciously by Going Green Mama (2011)

Green Cleaning Supplies
Wave Goodbye to Dishwasher Detergent. by EnviRambo (2008)
Hot Steamy Love,  by EnviRambo (2009)
Throwing in the towel. by EnviRambo (2009)
Will spring cleaning make spring finally arrive? Greenhabilitator (2010)
Down the drain by EnviRambo (2010)
Green Spring Cleaning Tools by Retro Housewife (2011)
Life After Phosphates by the Conscious Shopper (2011)
Spring, Yay! Spring cleaning...not so much. by Jenn the Greenmom (2011)
Cheap and Easy Household Tips by Retro Housewife (2011)

Cleaning the Air
National Healthy Schools Day, a guest post by Janelle Sorensen of Healthy Child, Healthy World (2009)
5 cheap steps to cleaner air in our homes by Going Green Mama (2010)

Line Drying
Hung Out to Dry by Green Bean (2009)
Line Drying for Dummies by EcoWonder (2009)

What cleaning topics would you like to see discussed on Green Phone Booth?

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