Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Garden Alphabet

Guest poster Brenna Burke shares her garden alphabet.

Organic gardens. They are a wealth of wisdom rooted in the soil. Gardens provide sustenance, knowledge, and an opportunity to become closer to nature and all that it is. Children benefit from digging in the warm, moist soil, as do we.

Whether you have a couple of outdoor containers, a small windowsill garden, or a large property full of garden beds, there is a garden alphabet our children can learn from the planting, watering, growing, and patient waiting. Here are just a few entries in that alphabet...

Aphids are insects we don’t like to see, causing viruses and damage to our strawberries and tomatoes. So bring on the ladybugs and lacewings, for they are the key.

Bulbs often look like aliens, but they store enough energy for a plant to survive in awful conditions. They come back each year bringing our work to protect them from critters to fruition.

Compostable containers, like newspaper and eggshells, make it easy for children to start seeds and watch what returns back to the earth like it should.

Earthworms are our gardens good friends. They plow through the soil helping roots grow, creating healthy soil which our plants will depend.

Food comes from gardens, both big and small, not from the store. It takes sun, soil, water, and hard work to produce the food that we eat, that’s for sure.

Herbs are plants we use for aromatherapy, medicine, and cooking. Grow them outside or inside, wherever they can be available for the taking.

Organic means so many things in a garden, from healthy soil and plant growing to weeding and compost. For our gardens to be safe for our children and pets, we must follow organic principles the most.

Photosynthesis is the wondrous process by which plants capture the sun’s energy and converts it to the food they need to survive. Photosynthesis makes sure all living creatures thrive.

Roots lie beneath the surface, connecting us to our past and plants to the earth. They deepen and spread, anchoring, absorbing, providing nutrients for floral birth.

Slugs are an organic garden’s worst nightmare. They are difficult to get rid of, but there are so many eco-friendly methods from beer to vinegar, those slugs best beware!

What words would you add to the garden alphabet?

Brenna Burke is a mama of three trying to live a green life, pursue greater health and well-being for her family and the planet, while teaching her children well so they will grow up successfully and leave her. Almost All The Truth provides tips, insight, and a little activism for those wanting to go green. Brenna blogs at


Dea-chan said...

Grief is what happens when critters get in the garden (and dig up my potatoes!)

Munching is what happens when picking fresh veggies!

Time well spent in the garden lasts all year in the form of food.

Brenna Burke said...

Love those additions! My kids certainly munch their way through my garden.


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