Monday, May 14, 2012

Help! Anyone know non-toxic ways to get rid of an out of the way hornet nest?

Okay, friends, the clock is ticking.

We have a little hornet nest being built just under our mailbox, in the sort of useless "newspaper" slot no one ever uses. But it's tucked back in the corner, hard to reach.

We took care of one earlier that was in the garage door-jamb; that was fairly easy. We just waited till night, covered it with a tupperware container, jostled the nest off the wall, slid cardboard under it, and set it on the ground with a rock on top till they sort of suffocated. (Sorry, I'm very "I love all wild things," but wasps not so much.)

Now we've got one in a hard place to reach, and my husband has decreed that he'll be buying a can of Raid to get rid of them. And unless I have a better idea to try, I don't really have a leg to stand on in arguing with him.

Anyone have experience with this? I've heard soapy water, hair spray, traps, various stuff like that...but has anyone actually tried this stuff and had it succeed without getting attacked?

Time is running out...any day now he'll remember to go shopping and come home with that foam-squirting can...Help!
--Jenn the Greenmom


Flowers R. Pretty said...

I have never liked Raid or any of those chemical sprays. When I was little , I remember my dad smoking them out. He lit some flammable stuff like newspaper and held it so the smoke would enter their nest. They would leave and then he would knock the empty nest down. Just be careful not to get burned! Or start a fire! Good luck!

Lisa Sharp said...

I have a recycled glass trap you put I want to say juice in? Haven't put it out yet. Also have the wasp spray from EcoSmart.

Eco Yogini said...

for hornet/wasp nests in the eves of our cottage's roof, my dad always used the garden hose- from a distance (usually at night while they were sleeping) he sprayed the crap out of it until it fell.

I've heard of smoking them prior to confuse them (just making a small smokey fire with wet wood) and then spray it with the garden hose?

Elizabeth said...

We had the same problem in the plastic tube for the paper. We just took the hose and turned the nozzle till the spray came out as forceful as possible. Sogged up the whole thing really well, then scraped it out. They never rebuilt there.


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