Monday, May 21, 2012

I know I should do another DIY green birthday party...but I'm so tired...

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I need your encouragement.
If our theme this month is about greening the birthday parties and stuff, I need some help. Not because I don’t have ideas—I’ve done this before, for the past 3 birthdays per kid, I’m just so damn tired now, and my daughter’s birthday has just happened and we need to schedule the “kid party” pretty soon. Like yesterday. And I just don’t know if I have it in me. Some of those party places are looking pretty tempting right about now…
Part of the problem might be how much energy I put into creating The Perfect Party those other times.  The year I did the Princess Pajama Party (a compromise, because she thought her brother’s “Almost Sleepover” was so cool she wanted one for herself, but she wanted the princess aspect as well) I made little capes, researched crafts, had them decorate homemade cupcakes and make their own pizzas and it was awesome…but exhausting.  Last year we went really late too, and she had a really fun summer “B-earth-day Party” outside, with painting little flower pots and making pinecone bird-feeders and planting marigolds and eating fruit and my questionably decorated “Earth Day Cake”…again, tons of fun, but really a lot of work to put together—even though the planning was kind of fun.
So…what I’m looking for now is perhaps the holy grail of parties: an eco-conscious kid party that’s not going to have me going nuts. Any suggestions, friends and neighbors? (And if anyone does have the energy to throw a party for their kids and is looking for green suggestions, click on the links above, which detail my own past experiences, for better or worse!)
--Jenn the Greenmom


Tricia said...

Is there a farm nearby you could visit for the party? If there's animals to see and space to run there's really not much else kids need. There's a farm near us that runs birthday parties (here's some pics i took of one: and my daughter had one of their parties last week. The food was simple - popcorn and fruit kebabs and each child took home a bulb in a little bag. So there wasn't much to organise - and the kids loved it.

Good luck finding a easier option :-)

Kate said...

Yeah, we tend to not go big with the parties. We have a lot of people and a lot of food and people just hang out (especially if the kids can play in the back yard or something). We just went to one where they had crusts and toppings and the kids got to decorate their own pizza. It was great!

knutty knitter said...

Ours were mostly afternoon hikes and/or frisbees in the local park with a cake and icecreams for after. They keep coming back so it must be ok. We don't do goodie bags either. And gifts are optional.

Now I have teens so its more of computer gaming sessions with the odd hike. They mostly do it themselves and I provide drink and cake/junk food (only time they can really indulge in this so I don't get too steamed up about it).

viv in nz

Dea-chan said...

Why is there so much emphasis on activities? I remember most of my birthday parties (granted, I'm late June) were food, playing with the pop up pool, and dress up. My sister's birthdays (mid Feb) were all sledding and hot chocolate parties.

Just keep the time short, and they'll take care of the rest.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Our birthday parties are basically glorified playdates...with cake. The movie night party works well, or video game party. I don't decorate, only invite a few kids, and keep the party short. We do evites or the kids make their own invitations. We don't do games either. I know some parents get a lot of joy out of doing big elaborate parties for their kids, but my sanity prefers simplicity. And my kids have never complained.

Rosa said...

does it have to be cheap? We are spending the cash to have my son's birthday at a kid's engineering museum, which means the activity is taken care of and all I have to bring is cake (tho i will bring dishes if they use disposable - I have to call and ask.)

It's what he wanted and it seemed so innocuous compared to the parties we go to for other kids (the goodie bag will be a project they make themselves), so I blew my budget and said "yes".

Jenn the Greenmom said...

Thanks for the tips, you guys! I will totally look into some of these, thanks for the reality check on how I DON'T have to go berserk and succumb to the whole subliminal mom-judging thing that I know is at the heart of a lot of my freaking out; a party where the kids can run around and play is just plain FUN.

I talked to my daughter--she wants "movie night." Easy enough. I think I can manage this.


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