Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Expecting A Greener Baby This Time Around!

From Emerald Apron's Growing Belly I'm so excited to announce that I'm expecting our second child, due to arrive in November! My son Joshua is two years old and I have learned so much since his arrival into our lives. Since this is our second time around, I feel like I've learned a few lessons about what I can do more sustainably with baby #2. Our family and friends were so incredibly generous with Joshua. I got so much baby gear at our shower that it was amazing! I didn't know if I could use it all, but I had it in case I needed it. I made sure that everything was gender neutral so it would be a snap to use it again, and I saved everything. Joshua always preferred to be in my arms, so the carseat, stroller, swing, play mat, exersaucer, jumparoo and other chair-type items got almost no use (except for car rides of course). I saved all those items and if this baby likes them, then we'll use them. I'm not going to buy any "gear" but I could use a nice, comfortable sling or soft structured carrier that's appropriate for a newborn and will grow along with my child. When Joshua arrived at a whopping 9lbs. 8oz., I realized the newborn-sized diapers and clothes were too small. He barely fit in the outfit I planned to bring him home from the hospital, and I ended up giving away all the teensy tiny diapers. As far as clothes go this time around, I'm mostly set. This baby will be born in November and Joshua's birthday was in March, so I may need to buy clothes because of the difference in seasons (we live in New England). I'm not going to buy anything smaller than size three months, that's for sure! If this baby turns out to be a girl, then I'll buy some girly clothes to supplement the hand-me-downs. (Don't start on me about gender equity and all that. I'm going to dress my girl in pink and purple and skirts and ruffles sometimes. Heck, I can solve complex physics problems without a calculator and I loved pink and purple and Barbies as a kid. So give me a break.) There's a great second-hand children's store in the area, and I'm going to scout it out as needed. We used disposable diapers with Joshua for the first three months or so, then we switched to gDiapers. I happen to love gDiapers because they still have a disposable option and have less plastic waste than conventional disposables, they are cute and colorful, and I don't have to wash them as often as cloth. Cloth diapers are just not for me, so gDiapers are a great option. With baby #2, we're going to start with gDiapers right away (well, maybe after the first few days). We'll need to pick up some small sizes, since Josh was already in mediums when we started. All in all, I'm hoping to curb the consumerism this time around. What are your best tips for being more sustainable when adding to your family?


Truffula said...


Time Magazine covers aside, extended nursing held lots of benefits for us, including generating zero trash from baby food packaging.

Other things we went easy on was acquiring kiddie toys and books. Kitchen cabinets, pots and pans, and cardbard boxes went a long way in the entertainment department.

becki said...


The second time around, I went greener too. I made my own babyfood ( and I nursed exclusively. I also kept lots of hand me downs (yes! my pink and ruffles got a second use!) I also shop second hand when I can if I do need something.

We did end up buying a double stroller, and I do think that was a great investment. I don't regret that. I couldn't find the one I wanted second hand, but I did look.

We are about to have to buy car seats since the baby has outgrown her infant one. I don't like buying carseats secondhand, so I guess I'll have to go traditional on that too...

Laura said...

As soon as I found out Sylvi was a girl, I got in on the last minute garage sales and then stalked them last summer, too. I do wish I had bought smaller neutral clothes since she was so small (even with her weight being "above average for a girl") that Liam's clothes didn't always jive. But I have no problem whatsoever putting her in his hand-me-downs. Boys clothes don't stain as easily!

She loved the exersaucer for a few weeks and then she moved on to crawling so it got put away. The entertainment mat took up space (Liam loved it!) and I used the jumper to give both kids some activity in the winter... I'd set them up facing each other, her in the jumper, him on the trampoline. Our swing: big, fancy and expensive as it is sits alone in the basement waiting for someone to love it. So far, no dice.

I have a lilli baby carrier and love it... Liam still fits if I need to carry him. And we, too, purchased a double stroller. I live in the city though and want to get out and do stuff with the kids without fear that someone will take off. It's great for the farmer's market! :P

I got Sylvi in cloth diapers a lot faster than I did with Liam and I'm glad. I found an opened package of 22 newborn diapers and they lasted for her for over 3 months :)


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