Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Save Money, Stress, and the Environment by Planning Early for Christmas

This will drive some people crazy, I'm sure but it's just over six months until Christmas and for once I'm trying to get an early start. I like to make homemade gifts and every year I say I'm going to start early so I'm done really early and can just enjoy the season.

This year I'm really hoping that will happen. I've started making my list of what I want to make. My hope is to buy supplies as they are on sale since I'm starting ahead of time. I dream of being all done with craft (other than food crafts of course) by Thanksgiving so I can relax during December.

If you plan ahead you can save money and handmade gifts can also be very eco-friendly. Last year I didn't have much time to craft because I started late but I did make some crocheted produce bags, softies, and a few other little things. I also made all of my cards for the third or forth year. For the crocheted items I used organic yarn I already had and the produce bags were extra green since they replace plastic produce bags. For the cards I did have to buy some paper and couldn't find recycled but I make sure to use every little piece so there isn't much waste and some of the paper was recycled.

In the past I also have made peppermint bath salts and for those I saved glass food jars to put them in. I've also saved cookie tins from my guilty, non-organic, pleasure, danish butter cookies. I plan to use those this year for any baked goods I make.

If you plan ahead you can really save money and make you Christmas greener this year. You will also reduce some holiday stress. So do you think you will start planning soon for the holidays? Also any tips for making green gifts and/or staying on track?

Photo Credit:  Steve Snodgrass


Penelope Jagessar Chaffer said...

You know I was just thinking about this. I promised myself I would make all presents this year and go back to making my Christmas cards. Thanks for inspiring me!! I'm going to draw up a weekly schedule with an outline of everything I need to do. It's coin to be a knitting/sewing run up to Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be the Grinch on this one, but I have a hard time seeing how starting holiday planning six months out is reducing stress - seems to me it extends holiday stress to half the year. But then again, I don't put much stock in the expectation-laden holidays. If you don't want stress, don't make the holidays about Stuff. Make it about togetherness.

Nicole said...

But ecogrrl, for some the joy is in creating for others. And in order to do that and not lose your mind, it's the perfect time of year to start!

Personally, I'm starting to knit baby clothes for my newest niece or nephew who will be born right before Christmas <3

Lisa Sharp said...

Penelope: Your welcome. :) We will see if I stick to this plan but hopefully haha.

Ecogrrl: I don't make holidays about stuff. Like Nicole said I enjoy making and giving things to people. And by spreading it out it's not stressful and I can focus on people during the holidays.

Nicole: I agree! I love making thing for others and finding special gifts. I also enjoy having special traditions, like my husband and I always watch Harry Potter when we put up the tree, which is odd but nice. Last year I made butter beer for the movie which was fun. And I bake a lot and we go look at the lights and fun things like that. If I have most things I want to make done ahead of time we will have more time for this kinds of things. :)


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