Saturday, May 12, 2012

Simplifying from Store-Bought Parties

Six weeks until my daughter's seventh birthday party, and you'd think we'd be planning it for years.

She's inherited her aunt's desire to start planning things early. As in "Here is what I want to celebrate next time" just a day or so after the year's celebration!

The good thing about a long lead time on themes is it's allowed me to extend my creativity on party planning and source out items from unexpected places.

Like the year we did a Fancy Nancy tea party. We hit Goodwill on one of its half-off days and invested in "fine china" to celebrate the big event. Even better, the dishes were washed and re-donated the next day!

Or our luau party, where we sourced decorations from of all places, our office storeroom during a staff clean-up day.

We've also found that splitting our family and "kid" celebrations, we wind up with happier guests and less disposable trash, even if it means holding two events.

What's your favorite tip to create a party while holding the line on waste?

1 comment:

Laura said...

I am packing the Fancy Nancy idea away for future use! Genius idea!


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