Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Versatility to love

From the laundry basket of the Homegrown Mama.

Canning season is gearing up and I'm taking inventory of all my jars.  I need to call and check prices for strawberries this week and plan for the year.  We go through a lot of jam in this house and I will not be filling any of the little decorative jars with jam as it's just pointless for us.  I'll save those for homemade sugar scrubs and such.

Anyway, my basement has a room that was designed as canning storage when my grandparents built the house (In fact, when we moved in and were cleaning, I found a jar of home canned peaches.  They were perfectly preserved, albeit horribly discolored, and almost 40 years old.  Lesson to be learned here: if you are short, don't place your canned goods above your head.)  I love the canning cellar and get an honest thrill out of opening the door to survey my work.  Since my canned goods are generally in the basement, I wash the used jars and set them on the counter to take down with me on my next trip to the treadmill or laundry.  Frequently, I forget and those jars find their way all over my home.  As I was planning my supply needs this afternoon, I realized I was missing a lot of wide mouthed jars.  Just where are they?

  • 7 pint jars are functioning as stand-ins for glasses that broke when Liam took initiative and "helped" do the dishes while I was diapering his sister.  
  • 2 regular mouthed pint jars are serving as vases.  I see Farmer's Daughter is also putting her jars to use!
  • 2 half pint jars are serving as containers for Liam's craft projects.
  • 1 half pint jar is lying on the floor of my living room after holding snacks and has been converted to a garage for race cars.
  • There are 2 jars in my shower, one for a sugar scrub and one for oil as I'm trying the Oil Cleansing Method (minimal success so far).
  • In my fridge, there is a jar containing strong brewed coffee for tomorrow's iced coffee, a jar with salad dressing, a jar with chocolate avocado pudding, and a jar of homemade hummus.
  • I found a quart jar on my sewing table holding my scissors and another half  pint is serving as my scraps catch-all.
  • In Sylvi's room, there's a jar holding all her little hair clips.
  • And in my room, there's a jar holding change... 50 cents go in every time I conquer a workout. 1 dollar for every pound I lose.
So there's 22 jars scattered around my house, each one being used in a simple, functional way.  Of all the things I've accumulated in my kitchen, the Ball canning jar is my favorite.  They fit my immersion blender like a glove, they hold homemade spice mixes, they are just the size to fit in little hands while they tote around a snack or cars.  I know that I'm going to need to restock my supplies, but I'm more than happy to.  

What's your favorite thing about Ball jars?

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