Friday, June 29, 2012

Finding an Eco-Friendly Guitar

EcoYogini's adventure with finding an eco-friendly, affordable guitar...

I can't imagine a world without music. Piano lessons, voice lessons, classical piano competitions, learning the guitar, singing in the high school concert group, playing in a band and finally mourning a dream of becoming a famous singer song writer (lol).

Music is what keeps my stress at bay (singing Zombie definitely helps on a shitty day). Music is also the reason for my noise induced, moderate bi-lateral sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in your ears is never normal- note to self).

That said, I could never part with my guitar.

My second guitar (first one got dented in my undergrad...), traveled across the country to BC and back with me. Upon our much anticipated return to the Maritimes, I opened up my guitar case that I had carried on the plane with me to find this:

(Do you see something missing??? the head just SNAPPED off in the case. I'm currently saving this guitar for a wall planter...)

I was shocked, fought back tears in the parking lot and almost threw up all at once. Guitars are expensive. After a few consults, the discovery that I was sold a lemon all those years ago (factory second with a twisted grain neck), I was informed it wasn't worth fixing.

For the first time in over 12 years I spent six months without a guitar.

Finding environmentally friendly musical instruments for a reasonable price is tricky. As it was going to be my main instrument, I wasn't willing to look for second hand, I wanted it to be an acoustic electric, not to have a lacquered front finish and it had to sound a-frigging-mazing.

I finally found this beauty:
(isn't she beautiful?)

A Larrivée acoustic. Not only does she meet all my requirements musically, she fits my body perfectly, smells delicious (yes, wood has a beautiful smell) AND is pretty darn eco-friendly!

  • Many Larrivée guitars are made from wood sourced from naturally fallen logs
  • Larrivée only uses selective logging and not clear cutting.
  • No logging roads are cleared as they hand select each tree.
  • My guitar has Canadian sitka spruce and maple.
  • My guitar was made in Vancouver, Canada!
So there you have it! A somewhat eco-guitar :)

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