Thursday, June 7, 2012

Five Reasons to Love Your Public Library

The Climate Crusader is extolling the benefits of public libraries when it comes to summer reading.

The greenest book of all may be the one that you borrow from your library. It's the cheapest book, as well. Public libraries aren't just a book lover's paradise, they're also a way to reduce the environmental footprint of your summer reading. Today I'm sharing five reasons to love your public library.

At the library
My kids love the library

1. Libraries Reduce Clutter

I'll come clean and admit it - I have shelves full of books in my home that I've read once and kept, thinking I would read again, but I never have. And even worse, I have many books that I've owned for years and never read. When you borrow a book from your library you're not filling your shelves with unread books that just become more clutter to collect dust.

2. Reuse - It's one of the Three R's

When you buy a book, how many people read it? In the best case scenario, I would guess that a book may pass through a few people's hands before it bites the dust. Popular library books, on the other hand, can each be read and enjoyed by dozens of people. You're reducing your consumption of new books, as well as reusing each book many times.

3. Kids Love Summer Reading Programs

Most public libraries offer summer reading programs for kids. My daughter looks forward to participating in the summer reading club each year. The programs are free, they expose kids to new literature, and they reduce summer reading loss, so your kids will be ready when school starts again. Plus, visiting your library is a great way to spend time over summer vacation.

4. Librarians are Fabulous People

When you're doing some research, looking for a book recommendation, or searching for local resources, your librarian is a fount of wisdom. Librarians don't just issue library cards and check out books, they're experts on tracking down information, and they're in the know about what's happening in your community.

5. Libraries Offer More Than Books

Public libraries carry a wide array of materials that users can access. My library has newspapers and periodicals, paper books, e-books, audio books, CDs and DVDs. Libraries also offer free internet access to their users. If you'd like to listen to your book as you take a road trip this summer, or you'd like some great summer tunes for your kids, your library can hook you up.

What do you love about your public library?


Helena said...

I wholeheartedly agree, libraries are awesome! I'm an avid reader and there's no way I could ever justify spending the money or using the storage space to buy all the books I read. My 3yo daughter loves weekly storytime, and also we love to get a stack of books out for her each week. Kids' books can be so hit or miss--this way some new favorites are discovered (and checked out again and again) and if some are flops, no big deal, back they go. We can also check out music CDs and movies from our library, which is lots of fun too.

Eco Yogini said...

I love this post! My goal next week is to get a library card (yes, GASP, i don't have one).

Also- it's always great to ask for special programs. In Canada, this means asking for French story time or other French reading programs. It's such a fantastic way to get your children involved in more French and bilingual activities.

Often, if libraries don't offer them it's because parents haven't asked :)

Anonymous said...

I *love* my library ! We have a great online system to put books on hold from home, and they'll not only email you when it's ready, but also when it's time to return it (and allow you to extend it if someone doesn't already have it on waitlist). It's fantastic and a huge money saver - not to mention the greenest of the green :)

furniture Osborne Park said...

I do agree! I really love going to public library. I am always amazed on the wide variety of books they offered.


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