Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My reading list for the summer

From the laundry basket of the Homegrown Mama

Prior to having kids, I would camp out on the deck with a stack of books as soon as the weather got warmer.  I would read through dozens over the course of the spring and summer and now, 3 summers later, I have hardly cracked a book open!  This year, not only do I have books whose spines haven't even been creased, I also have a few books unfinished on my Nook.

The Rhythm of Family: Having read Amanda's blog and swooned over her creations, I am excited to dig into this book.  I love her writing style, photos and have moments of why-didn't-I-think-of-that-! while I read.
Playful Learning: My computer bookmarks are loaded with ideas from Mariah's blog and although this book is geared for ages 4-8, I'm a planner.  I plan to homeschool my kids for at least the first few years of schooling and I want to make sure it's as enjoyable of an experience as possible!

15 Minutes Outside: I bought this book on my Nook right after Christmas, read through until about March and then stopped reading.  I could always use more ideas for constructive fun on our walks or new ways to jazz up sensory play.
Beyond the Sling: I love Mayim's writings in general and honestly, any chance I get to read a book AP written from the perspective of someone who is in the thick of it is so exciting!
Last Child in the Woods: I started reading this book while I was waiting for Liam to be born.  I'm fairly certain I never finished it.  And if I did, I don't remember much of what I read, so it's time for a re-read.
This Organic Life: I grabbed this book at the library, signing the kids up for the summer reading program.  Barbara Kingsolver wrote a blurb that is on the back cover and since Animal, Vegetable, Miracle changed my life, I was sold!

I have 6 books to either read or finish this summer... and as much as I love reading books about trains and thunderstorms and dogs to the kids, I'm excited to regain a few brain cells.  I'm anxious to learn more about ideas for educating my children in a creative manner, remind myself why I parent the way I do and get some more inspiration for our life.

What books are on your reading list this summer?

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Amy H said...

The Kindle version of "15 Minutes Outside" is $1.99 today! Thanks for the great list :)


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