Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Voting for the Environment

You may have noticed Emerald Apron and I switched days this week, that is due to the fact that yesterday was the primary in my state. I've been helping with a congressional campaign in my state and it was a big day for us.

Yesterday had me thinking about how important voting is for the environment. I happened to meet the candidate I'm volunteering for because I wrote on my current representatives Facebook wall about an environmental concern in my town. While my current representative never replied the candidate running against him messaged me about it and she has made it one of the issues she is concerned about as well.

This has shown me just how important it is to stay aware of the campaigns in your state and nationally. Researching candidates environmental voting records, talking to them about their views on the environment, and such is the first thing to do. If you do find a good candidate that you feel will do a good job and also help protect our environment then help how you can. There are so many ways to help, even if you don't have a lot of time or money, you can help. Here are some ways to help candidates that will fight for our environment.

  1. Put a sign in your front yard. Many candidates give these for free or a very small donation.
  2. Talk to friends and neighbors about the candidate, sometimes just getting the candidates name out there can help.
  3. Be apart of their social media campaign. Retweet their tweets, share their Facebook messages, etc...
  4. Volunteer to help canvas around your town.
  5. Get involved with your local party. If it's not the party your candidate is representing you can still help talk to other people in your party about this candidate, and why you feel they are better than your own parties candidate.
  6. Donate money. Campaigns need money to get the word out.
These are just a few ways to get involved but the most important thing is to vote! No matter your political views, voting is important. Voting is a right many don't have and something that those of us that do have it should use. If you aren't registered, click here to learn how you can.

Do you have a tip for helping candidates and/or how to learn about good candidates in your area?

Photo Credits: hjl

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