Friday, July 6, 2012

A walk through my garden in July

In which Truffula strolls through her garden, and invites you to come along...

It seems like just yesterday that I was planning changes to our garden, and putting up low tunnels on the coldest day of the year.  Those are distant memories on humid 100-degree days.  I don't complain, because those nippy days are not my favorites, and I love seeing those berms and beds with lots of lovelies growing in them.

Come along on my little walk!

A few weeks ago, a friend invited me to come along to pick up some composted horse manure.  We both filled our cars, and didn't even put a dent into the pile.  Here's how much I fit into our Honda Fit:

It pained me to not fill the containers to the top.  Doing so would have made the load heavier than I felt comfortable hauling.

The purslane is popping out.  That will be a salad ingredient.

A local Freecycle Network member shared this divine Lavender Mint.  It's doing beautifully, and smells very nice.

Unfortunately for a neighboring family, the derecho which roared through here on June 29 took down half of one of their trees.  The next morning, it was fantastic to see (and to be one) of the other neighbors who pitched in to cut it into pieces and remove it.  I saw opportunity in the storm debris: a trial-sized hugelkultur bed.  I carried some of the branches home, laid them out, added in some miscellaneous greenery destined for the compost pile, added some of that composted horse manure, and stuck in some scallions.

The passionflower vine is producing flowers. (There's one on the right, about 1/3 from the top.) They are a sight to behold!  I look forward to sampling the fruits.

The side yard gets more shade than I realize. That doesn't bother the daisies.  The mulch on the path is from the chipped remains of a pine we removed in winter. Waste not, want not. :-)

The rabbit hutch is another Freecycle Network find.  It turns out that our rabbit (yes, we've added one to our family) lives indoors, but the hutch has turned out to be a very handy "tool shed".

One of the TruffulaBoyz' tasks in the morning is to water some of the more vulnerable plants.  These little parslies are settling in next to the "P" in our Alphabet Garden.  Note the application of... horse manure!

Not all is green in Truffula-Land.  I transplanted this azalea in the spring, and apparently didn't give it the water it needed.  I'm happy to take suggestions for a drier-than-we-think, shady location, right smack-dab in front of the house.

The baseball-sized radishes went to flower, and now to seed -- another oops.  I was going to yank them, until I noticed a honey bee shopping around in the flowers.  That was a deal-clencher: the radishes stayed in.  We'll harvest the seed, and try again.

The hoops from the low tunnels are continuing to serve.  I'm using them to stake up the tomatoes, and to train up some beans (lower right in the photo).  The clips which previously held the floating row cover and plastic sheeting in place are now holding up twine.  I'm using strips of old socks to tie in the tomatoes.  Here's an all-in-one shot.  

And, here's how you might find the deck chairs arranged after two boys spend time watching the bees:

Hope your summers are going well!


Rosa said...

Your garden is beautiful!

mine is kind of dormant right now - we just finished a week of 100 degree days, so a lot of things went to seed, but I will save the seed so I haven't cut them down yet. Strawberries are done, peas are done, raspberries slowed down (due to heat?), potatos are growing but not very visible. Tomatillos and tomatos are hanging out making fruit, chard is getting big. I harvested a bunch of lambsquarters today but that's just because I was weeding.

Donna, The Decorated House said...

Hello Lisa~

I love visiting gardens in different areas. It's always a surprise to see what can grow during each season in different states.

Thanks for the sweet comment about our Cody pup. He also loves to dig. We have to keep ahead of him on that one. We know he is a lab mix, but with his curled tail and not quite "perfect" lab ears, he certainly has more mixed in.
He is well-loved, and the sweetest.
And yes, you are so right, rescue pups are the best!


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