Monday, July 9, 2012

Easy Summer Snacks

With much of the country in a heat wave who wants to cook/bake snack foods? Cool snacks are also a good way to beat the heat. Here are some easy, cool and no-bake snacks to make this summer.

  • Smoothies: Smoothies are not only an easy snack but they are also a good way to eat more fruits and veggies. Simply add 60% fruit and 40% veggies (spinach works really well), some water, and blend. You can also add some plain yogurt (skip the sweetened kinds), hemp powder, coconut milk, and all kinds of things to add more nutritional value to your smoothies. This is also a great way to use up produce that is about to go bad.

  • Popsicles: The options for what you can make into a popsicle are endless. You can freeze juice, smoothies, ice cream, and I've even made popsicles out of iced coffee. For your dogs you can make yogurt and peanut butter popsicles to help them cool off (be sure to use unsweetened yogurt and real peanut butter with out the added sugar and oils). It's best to use stainless popsicle molds like the ones above from Onyx, to avoid any nasty chemicals that may be in the plastic ones.

  • Ice Cream: Ice cream is a nice treat for a hot day. When you make your own ice cream you can control the ingredients to make a healthier treat. A very eco-friendly way to make ice cream is with an ice cream ball from Play & Freeze, like the one above. These ice cream balls are BPA-free and use no electricity. You simply roll the ball around until the ice cream is done, it can be a fun way to get the kids involved.
  • Fresh fruit: A lot of great fruit is in season right now and it makes for some great snacks. Fruits that can be pre-washed like grapes are great for snacking. You can also cut up things like watermelon or pineapple so that you have a quick snack you can grab out of the fridge. You can even freeze grapes on a cookie sheet, covered in waxed paper for an even cooler fruit snack.
These are just a few easy, cool, and yummy summer snacks. I would love to hear your favorite summer snacks for staying cool, be sure to share them below.

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Green Bean said...

Hey, we have that ice cream maker! We've yet to pull it out but the in-laws gave it to my kids last Christmas. Perhaps I'll get inspired.


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