Wednesday, August 29, 2012

EWG's "Good Food on a Tight Budget"

Have you guys seen this yet?

Good Food on a Tight Budget: A Shopping Guide

This is a great resource--they've taken it so many steps beyond the Dirty Dozen here, it's proactive rather than reactive, gives a huge selection of choices to make as opposed to just choices to avoid. The whole guide is right there online, or it exists in printable form: shopping lists, budgets, recipes, a list of tips for healthy shopping and eating, information about what proportions of each kind of food to buy and use, where the pesticides lurk and where they don't--it's really good.

I don't think there's much in here that regular Booth-readers will find shocking or revelatory. What there is, though, is a lot of really good info in really clear and accessible form, that we can pass on to friends and family. To the people in our lives who don't read green blogs and Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman and everyone else. Something we can link to on our Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, drop into emails for our friends, have at the ready when someone we know asks questions...

This is one to keep, I think!

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Lisa Corriveau said...

The EWG guide was brilliant! It inspired a blog post (linked up to this one--thank you for posting it!) that I'll be putting out on Tuesday, Sept. 4.



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