Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On bumps and bruises and homeopathy

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With a clumsy preschooler and a recently walking toddler, there are lots of boo-boos in our home.  And then, their mother who does silly things like slip getting into a pool and bruise her foot all the way to the bone.  Like I said, lots of boo-boos.

So right now, in my natural medicine cabinet, Arnica is getting a lot of attention.  Either in a cream or a homeopathic pellet, it's been amazingly helpful.  Arnica treats bruising, sprains, muscle aches, swelling from bug bites and joint pain.  I had originally bought it to help my muscles recover as I participate in the Go Green Get Fit Challenge and it's been great to come in from a workout, take 2 pellets and feel the muscular discomfort slip away.  When I slipped in the pool, I really thought I had broken my bone, it hurt so badly.  My doctor told me that it would take up to 2 or 3 weeks to heal to the point that I would be able to resume my normal activities.  I've been taking Arnica faithfully since last Tuesday... I ran a mile and a half Saturday morning with no pain.

The most awesome recovery so far was Liam's when he flipped off my bed.  I gave Liam Arnica every 15 minutes after he fell until he went to bed that night.  It was red and purple and swollen when he asked to sleep that night, but there was no sign of any internal damage, so I let him go.  The next morning, I anxiously greeted him, assuming there would still be a nasty bruise, even if the swelling had gone down.  If I hadn't taken a photo the night before, I would have thought I imagined the whole incident as I could barely see a line on Liam's forehead.

I had the opportunity to interview Peter Gold from the Natural Center for Homeopathy a few months ago and learned so much about the functions of homeopathy.  I prefer to use a natural solution for illness where ever possible and with the increasing availability of homeopathics in my area, I'm excited to keep learning about options for healing that don't rely on a lab to create the appropriate chemical concoction.

What are your favorite natural remedies for the inevitable bumps and bruises that come along with life?


Helena said...

This is a timely reminder for me. We keep arnica gel around to use topically (clumsy 4yo and clumsy me), but a friend had suggested getting some to take orally after I have the baby in the fall to help with all the muscle pain that comes afterward. She used it after her last birth, and said it helped a *lot*.

Laura said...

Absolutely. I used it after my second, but not my first. MAJOR difference! Good luck with your birth, too!

Anonymous said...

Umm .. You do know that you are enjoying the perceived benefits of a placebo, right? Homeopathic treatments don't actually contain anything - you understand that, right? Any trace of arnica was diluted out ...

BriQB said...

Dear Anonymous -
You seem to think you know quite a bit about this - I'd love to see your sources if you have any.
If not, why are you commenting?

Anonymous said...

Hi BriQB,
Well i have done quite a bit of reading about it over the past few years and it never ceases to amaze me that people are not more critical about what they are sold.

The basic principals are nothing short of bizarre.

Dilute some 'medicine' to the point where it no longer exists and shake the solution a special way, and trust that the water remembers what you want it to remember. The more diluted the solution the more powerful it is.

Here is an interesting article worth the 5 minutes it will take to read it.

And this one is less scientific ...But very interesting...

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the articles...

Anonymous said...

Nothing? Kinda like homeopathic pills . . . .
Oh well. Was looking forward to your thoughts.
Another time, then.



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