Friday, September 14, 2012

A Day in the Life- Kittens and Speech Therapy!

A Day in the Life... of EcoYogini :)

Typically my days start between 4:30 and 5am... when Atreyu, our cognitively impaired, clinically anxious (vet recommended anti-psychotics, I kid you not), cat wants to have some cuddles. Usually he just walks over us until I roll over on my left side and he can cuddle right up. If I don't pet him tiredly to his satisfaction he'll either start walking again or put a paw on my face. It's lovely.

Atreyu as a cute 8 week old kitten... he was a terror!

He now looks like this- still cute with a squishy face... just quite a bit larger...

My alarm goes off at 6:03am... just because I want a few extra minutes of sleep. Andrew (husband) thinks I am crazy.

I get ready, feed the cats, make coffee in our French press, all quietly so I won't wake up Andrew, make my lunch, download the latest French cbc podcast and out the door I go to walk to the Ferry. It takes about 20minutes to walk to the Ferry, and most of it is along the waterfront, so it's a beautiful walk that is usually pretty darn quiet between 7:20 and 7:45am.

By 8am I am at my office at work, sleepily opening up my computer (it's a laptop since I have to travel around the province for work), checking emails and listening to phone messages. I'm at work between 8am and 4:15pm full time.

I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist, SLP (or speech therapist, same deal), and I work with bilingual French-English or monolingual French preschool aged children between the ages of 0 and school entry (5-6yrs). I adore my job, and I especially love when I have Acadian French clients, since that is my first dialect or language.

My days are mostly filled with seeing little preschoolers, accompanied by their caregivers, for a variety of reasons. I assess and, with the parents, treat all areas of communication from social communication (eye contact, topic maintenance, turn taking), expressive language (grammar, vocabulary, syntax), receptive language (comprehension of verbal directions and concepts), voice (raspy or rattly voice), fluency (stuttering) and articulation (sounds). Feeding and swallowing also fit in there.

A lot of it is us playing fun games to target certain goals, while I train the parents to be 'mini speech therapists' and follow through at home. Sometimes we run around the office with our paper steering wheels going "vroom vroom! Beep beep!" pretending to drive and park our cars (great for working on spatial concepts such as in front-en avant, behind- en arrière, beside- à côté). All of my sessions are either fully in French, or at the very minimum have some French goals.

Since I'm also the Francophone Consultant for the province, I get to travel everywhere and do presentations for communities as well as help out other anglophone SLPs in our different clinics. Next week, for example, I'm travelling to the southern tip of the province to provide two Acadian community presentations and some consultation at our clinic... and see my parents while I'm there.

(our magnetic chore chart. The letters are days of the weeks, the images on the left are the chores- dishes, sweeping, bathroom, cooking, laundry, misc-includes compost)

After work I take the Ferry and walk home, usually getting home around 5pm. Once home, I'll wait for Andrew to get home before I start supper: we always cook together. Usually I spend that time cleaning and doing chores. My husband is great, but for some reason he just doesn't SEE the stuff that needs to get done, and since we both work full time there was no way I was also doing a full time job once I got home. So- we made a chores chart, since he is extremely motivation by external rewards and visuals. Three weeks in and it totally works!

After supper (hopefully eaten by 6:30pm, at the latest 7:30pm), Andrew and I either watch a tv show together or we each spend some computer time, or I guilt him into doing a chore on the chart. I usually also have plans- for example tonight I went to a yoga class that kicked my butt and was physically out between 6:40pm-9pm. We feed the cats twice more (their food gets digitally weight four times a day since our other cat is a little... voluptuous...) in the evening.

By 10pm we are both in bed sleeping.... The End :)


Laura said...

I love your job... and love it even more because it's in French. :)

Eco Yogini said...

@Laura: thanks!! i love my job too :)

Betsy Escandon said...

You sound like the Chief of French or something. Very cool. I am all about preserving heritage languages! We just enrolled my son in the public dual immersion Spanish-English Elem. here (my husband's family is So. American).

I remember cooking with my husband. I miss that. We should try to do every now and then while the kids watch a show or something.

Eco Yogini said...

hahah, i'm not exactly 'Chief', but I definitely help out around the province. :) Spanish is such a fabulous language, so similar to French- I can follow along a little bit when people speak slowly.

Yes, cooking together is nice- we generally have our tasks (I take care of veggies, he does rice, potatoes and sometimes we take turns with protein). saves time and makes the meal extra special :)


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