Monday, September 17, 2012

A Day in the Life of the Climate Crusader

What does the Climate Crusader do all day? Read on for the gripping recount.

Like most weekdays, on this one I wake up at about 7:30am. I shower, and try to keep it short, because I'm green like that. I get the kids up, and dressed. I make breakfast, which is cereal if I'm feeling lazy, scrambled local eggs and fried potatoes courtesy my CSA if I have a little more time to play with. I pack two litterless school lunches, and load up my daughter's stainless steel water bottle. I help my kids feed the cat. I kiss my son good-bye, and he heads off to daycare with my husband.

If all goes well, it is now about 8:40am. My daughter and I pack her backpack, and we head out on the walk to school. One of the best parts of attending the local public school is that we can walk there. I prefer it when the weather is good, but we make the trek on foot rain or shine. I drop her off at the school door, and head back home to work.

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood
The walk to school

I'm a writer, and my workplace is my family room. While there are a number of downsides, one of the big upsides is that I have literally no commute. I don't have to spend time in traffic, and I'm reducing my carbon footprint in the process. It's the green justification for having no real separation between my work life and my home life.

I do my best to keep my nose to the grindstone, other than a short break for lunch when I catch an episode of The Daily Show. Before I know it, it's 2:45 and it's time to head out to pick up my daughter from school. Once again I walk back up the hill to her school, and once she's out of class we head to the playground where she plays with her friends for about half an hour. That's part of my new campaign to make sure my kids and I have more outside time. I think it's important for a number of reasons - it's good for us, it helps us to connect with nature, and it gets me away from the computer screen.

On the school playground

Once we're back home again, I make a snack for my daughter and let her watch a little bit of "big kid" TV while I squeeze out a little more work. As you can see, I am not a perfect parent - I do use the electronic babysitter. At about 4:45pm it's time to load up and make the drive to daycare. Yes, it's true, I do drive. Once my son is back home I let the kids watch another half hour of TV while I get dinner started. Right now dinner is typically some local veggies and meat, along with potatoes, rice or gluten-free pasta.

After dinner I water the garden, clean the kitchen, and work with my husband to get the kids to bed. Then I do some more work, because I'm a work at home mom, before I watch a TV show and head to bed. I usually turn the lights out too late, because I'm enjoying the quiet time. I know I'll regret it in the morning, but when it's dark and I have some time to myself to relax, it's hard to pass it up.

What sorts of green choices do you make in your own daily life? And if you're a work at home parent, how do you juggle the balance?


Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Sigh, wish we could walk to school every day. We couldn't find a home walking distance from the dual immersion we want our kids to attend. So we are 1.5 miles away and I'm hoping to hike it at least once a week. I love the idea of walking my kids to and from school -- maybe next home -- and will have to work hard to get that outside time and outside walking time in our now (with school in session) busier schedules.

Robbie @ Going Green Mama said...

Our choices are small, too, but I have to hope they add up: Litterless lunches, multiple stops on one route rather than extra trips out the door after we get home, recycling school papers as soon as we review them, etc.

Eco Yogini said...

i agree, i really want to find more non-computer time or non-screen time in my days. :)

Beate said...

My typical day looks very similar.

I used to walk my daughter to school but now she walks by herself. It takes her longer now as she walks with friends, which adds up to spending more time outside looking at bugs, spiders etc. She also gets litterless, mostly local, organic meals and water in her stainless steel bottle as well as eco-friendly school supplies. Oh, and of course organic clothing, since I'm at the source ;-)

I also work from home and enjoy not having the commute and the flexible work hours. Aaaand I sold our car, so we are a no-car household now. I needed some time to adjust but feel very "free" now.

We don't own a TV and my daughter always has about 100 things she wants to do (paint, craft, build) when she comes home.

I, however, spend waaay too much time at the computer, which comes with working from home. I feel a little "out of touch" with the "real" world as I am home so many hours, but for now the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Does your daughter enjoy the walk to school? We are on our third year of walking to and from school, and this year for some reason, my kids have started complaining like crazy every time we walk. It's driving me crazy!!!


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