Monday, September 24, 2012

How essential oils changed our days

I'd always been one of those people who just sucked things up. Because I'm on routine medications, I've always been reluctant to add more meds to my day, unless I'm just desperate. Mild headache? Wait it out. Nagging cough? Just drink more water. Nevermind that I got comments about how my cough had lagged on for a year.

And then I was introduced to using essential oils. I'd always been open to them for stress relief, but I finally decided to experiment with them for my kids' allergies too. I figured it would be worth the cost if it could end their suffering, since over the counter drugs just weren't making a dent.

Little did I know how our lives would change.

My son, who's been struggling with pain (some days a 10 on the pain scale) after getting his dental spacer in, would be going through a bottle of ibuprofen a week with not much relief. Now, when he complains, I put some lavender oil and frankincense along his jawline, and often that provides relief enough for him to move on with his day. The lavender oil was a Godsend for pain as well, as he coped with stitches from a fall.

At work, I've spent too much time at the PC, and have been dealing with stressors and headaches. Normally, I would have just suffered through it; now I just put a little peppermint oil on my temples, and it helps.

My cough my coworker complained of? Bothering no one these days. Strangely enough, my nagging dry cough is gone after daily use of lemon oil that I'd just casually added to my Diet Coke for taste.

At home, oils come into play as well. I use relaxation blends on my son's scalp when he's out of sorts, which thankfully have worked. I've tried digestive blends for when tummy troubles hit. I have a blend for bugs too, which I help credit with the fact that the kids didn't get the high fever that was traveling around pre-K a few weeks back.

At bedtime, the oils are a blessing. While I don't own a diffuser, we use them with our kids topically. My son begs each night for a mini foot massage - peppermint oil on his left foot and lemon oil on his right, without fail. My daughter, dragging with a cold, is eased with her humidifier that has a bit of lavender and wild orange oils in it.

The best part? Not only am I finding solutions for my family, they're happier with the choice. As my daughter told me at bedtime, "Mommy, this is so much easier than taking medicine."

Have you used essential oils or aromatherapy? What has worked in your life?


Helena said...

I've never used them for this purpose, but I have friends who do and I'm intrigued enough to want to learn more. Do you have any good resources you can point me toward that explain the uses of various oils?

robbie @ going green mama said...

A great go-to website is But if you want some general information or have questions, shoot me an email at goinggreenmama at gmail and I can help you how I can!

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

What do you use for allergies? My fall allergies are kicking in.

Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Fascinating. Maybe I'll give this a try -- a friend sells them and sent me some. I'll admit I'm a skeptic... I mean, I'm sure they do something, but this is quite a ringing endorsement! Esp. if regular meds don't cut it, or the kids are under 2 and too young to take many things.

Just Grams said...

I've been using essential oils for over two years now. A lady I worked with brought me three oils to use on my low back for pain and they worked. After that I was hooked. The pain trio as we call it is Valor, PanAway, and Peppermint. It only takes a few drops of each one, but they do work. I've used them for numerous things and highly recommend using essential oils instead of the chemical that are poisoning our bodies. The key is to buy pure, therapeutic grade oils. If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin. When a product list 'fragrances' in the ingredient list, that item can have over 600 chemical or products that are not disclosed. The oils I use are from Young Living and they are the best I have found. In fact, my four year old grandson asked me today if I could use my Thieves oil on his throat. He is having allergy problems and has a scratchy throat. When I use the oil on him, I always use a carrier oil such as V-6 or extra virgin olive oil to calm it down since Thieves can be a little hot when applied to the skin. If you ever use an oil that feels hot on your skin, use an oil like one of the above and never use water. Just a little info from an avid essential oil user. I hope this is helpful.

robbie @ going green mama said...

Erin, I emailed you earlier but peppermint oil is awesome.

Betsy, I know -- I was skeptical too, but so many things are working now that I'm shocked!

Just Grams, I haven't tried Young Living, I have been using doterra, which is also therapeutic grade. (I was so surprised in the intensity compared with some of the other essential oils I had previously used!) Good tip on using oil vs. water!

robbie @ going green mama said...

Oh, just to pass along too- I have a pinterest board of info with essential oils:


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