Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesdays at the Homegrown Mama's

From the laundry basket of the Homegrown Mama

600 - The alarm is going off and I hit snooze. I need those seven minutes to collect myself and decide how much of to-do list is going to be possible today. I know that I have an entire hour before Sylvi wakes for the day and I'd better get rolling if I want a shower. We installed a low-flow shower head last year and while it's nice and all, it's taken some time to get used to. I've learned that running a load of wash while someone is in the shower is just plain rude now that the shower head is different, so I hurry to the bathroom since it's a non-negotiable that diapers need washed today.

830 - Everyone is up and dressed and breakfasted. My husband takes the kids outside with him while I grab the diapers from the wash and then meet them in the backyard. Hubs leaves for work, the kids play and I get the laundry hung before we leave for the Nature Center.

900 - I am so excited to take my kiddos to the Mom and Me class at the Nature Center. I was a Biology major in college and some of my favorite classes were the labs we spent outside collecting specimens and exploring. My kids are 3 and 1, they are not yet at my level of excitement, although they do enjoy the nature walks I do with them on our own... I quickly note that none of the other parents are bursting at the seams and tone my enthusiasm down. The instructor announces that we are going to be searching for members of the species Orthoptera! Our backyard is over run with crickets, but I've yet to capture a katydid or grasshopper for the kids to inspect, so I drag them to the front of the hike line and begin peppering our instructor with questions.

1000 - We leave our class empty handed. It was fairly cool and wet, so no one caught anything of note, although a friend of mine managed to spy a glorious specimen of a Praying Mantis. We head to the library for a little while. I've recently abandoned the main branch of our county library in favor of a smaller one close to my home. The children's department is laid out in such a friendly way that the kids can sit and color or build while I find books for our week of preschool lessons and I can still see them. When we go to check out, I realize that my bag is not nearly large enough for the books we chose while visiting, let alone the ones I had reserved. Once again, we leave with a large reusable tote filled with books, the diaper bag stuffed and each child carrying a book or two. I have no self-control when it comes to books

1215 - By the time we ended our library visit and drove to the health foods store to pick up some homeopathics for my husband who is struggling with a cold, discover there's construction on the way to his office and make it back home, the kids and I are exhausted. I make a quick lunch of fruit, cheese, and pb&j sandwiches (homemade bread and blackberry jam) and let them eat outside while I check the diapers. The shells are all dry, but the liners aren't so I leave them alone... it was a little bit cloudy this morning so I was pushing it.

1245 - Naptime for Sylvi; she was falling asleep in her lunch today! Liam gets to pick an episode of Mighty Machines while I clean up from lunch, check email and read a few blogs. The house is quiet and the dogs are sleeping at my feet.

130 - I sit down with Liam to do our preschool. We've been learning about community helpers and today we are working on garbage collectors! We read a few books and do a craft to go along with I Stink! and talk about the different between recycling and throwing away. This reminds me I need to call our garbage company and ask what exactly they do with my recycling. I just finished reading Plastic Free and now I feel like I need to know.

200 - Sylvi has been asleep for about an hour so Liam goes to his room for his quiet time. He chooses the basket with wooden trucks and asks to bring his logging truck and horse trailer in as well. We removed the carpet from the bedrooms, so those wooden trucks aren't exactly quiet, but he acts out whole storylines with them, so I encourage him to pick that basket more than the others. I use this time to return a phone call and work on a post for my blog and for Natural Parents Network.

300 - The phone call took far more of my time than I had anticipated, so I wasn't as productive as I had hoped. Oh well. Both kids are running around the house, racing trucks and I am serving as a bridge for them to run under. They run a few laps and then Sylvi trips and falls and needs boo-boos kissed and snuggles. When one child is down due to a wound (no matter how severe) the other also finds something that needs kissed, so I wind up with them piled on top of me. We play for a bit and Sylvi brings over books for me to read, which then ends in a brawl over my lap space. I have two knees, but apparently, this is not sufficient.  Ever.

410 - I change clothes, load the kids in my stroller and hand out snacks. School hasn't been in session all that long, so as I run through the parking lot of the school across the street from me, we see a lot of newly licensed students leaving from the area. Liam asks if we can go to the playground, but it's pretty busy, so we continue on our route. I run a little over a mile and a half and am disappointed with my time. My new stroller is very heavy, and even though it glides like butter, it's a challenge to push up the minor hills on my route. Liam talks to me about all the kids we saw in the parking lot and I promise a trip to the playground tomorrow since we will be over there watching my youngest brother in a soccer scrimmage anyway.

520 - The brown rice boils all over the stove because I walked away to referee a fight between the kids. Our backyard is fenced in and I can leave my back door open so I can see them while they play out in the sandbox and I fix supper. Today's drama: Sylvi took the orange shovel and according to Liam, she should only have the blue one. Once the crisis is settled, I resume our supper prep. I found a recipe for Poor Man Stroganoff and am excited to try the dehydrated tomatoes I plan to use in place of tomato paste. So far, it smells good!

545 - My husband is home from work, the rice is done and we decide to eat outside. Once my kids have been in the sandbox, there is no convincing them that they need to come in the house. We talk them into sitting at the picnic table and they eat as quickly as possible so they can get back to playing. This gives me a chance to talk with my husband about our days.

615 - I clean up from supper and the kids get "Daddy Time". Currently, they play a hybrid of football and soccer.  Sylvi runs around clinging to the football, yelling "hike" at the top of her lungs and Liam kicks the soccer ball to the goal while Matt runs between them. I watch from the kitchen window and laugh.

700(ish) - Sylvi face plants in the grass while holding a dandelion puff. Her nose is running so the grass and dandelion bits stick to her face. She is not pleased. This seems like a good segway into bath time, huh? Bath time is a lengthy process in our house. Not so much because it's a challenge, but we put the water in the tub and let the kids play until they are ready to get out. Since we only have two children, we are still able to "divide and conquer" and each get one child ready for bed. We then head to the living room to play and read bedtime stories before tucking them in.

835 - Liam is tucked in and promised that we will not turn off his lamp, so it won't be dark in his room. Sylvi has been asleep for at least 15 minutes. This is an excellent sign for my night. I settle on the couch to watch some Saved by the Bell on Netflix. Half way through the episode, I realize that I never bothered to bring the diapers in from the line, so I run outside to do so. On my way back through the kitchen, I fill and program the coffee pot for the morning and turn the dishwasher on. I watch three episodes, chat with my husband and  discuss weekend plans. He is designing a header for a blog I'm managing, so we talk designs and ideas.

1030 - I totally mean to go to bed, but I make the foolish decision to check Pinterest one more time for a breakfast recipe.

1130 - I check on the kids as I head to bed. Tomorrow will be here before I know it and I'm certain it will be just as busy!


Lisa Sharp said...

Not jealous of when you get up but I am jealous of when you go to bed haha. I'm to much of a night owl and not a morning person. And I totally understand getting sucked into Pinterest. :)

Laura said...

I feel that if I can beat everybody else up for the day, then I get a little bit of a peaceful start. Especially if we are planning to head out for a class in the morning. Nothing worse than being groggy and trying to convince a toddler to change out of his comfy pjs! Also. I still have not yet managed to find a breakfast recipe we all like via Pinterest or anything else. Sigh.

Eco Yogini said...

i love that you were excited to go to the Nature centre- and so awesome that you bring your children on fun adventures!!! :)


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