Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Day in Emerald Apron's Life

Although "Day in the Life" was last month's theme, I never got around to writing about it last month, so here goes! I'm only a few days late.

 2:00am - Wake up to visit the bathroom. Everyone else in my house is soundly sleeping.

 4:00am - Wake up to visit the bathroom. Did I mention I'm 34 weeks pregnant?

 5:30am - Alarm goes off and my husband gets up for the day. I snuggle up with 2.5 year old Joshua for a little bit more. We slept with the windows open last night so our room is very cool and it feels great under the blankets!

 6:00am - I get up and get dressed. Debate for a moment which black maternity pants to wear along with the top I chose last night. Daddy takes Joshua downstairs to get dressed in the clothes I laid out for him last night.

6:30am - I'm dressed for work, my hair is done and I have make up on. I grab our lunches out of the fridge and pack our bags, then quickly throw together breakfast, gulp down some orange juice and help Joshua brush his teeth.

6:45am - We're in the garage! Joshua is buckled into Daddy's truck and I climb up to kiss him goodbye. I get into my car and head out, listening to my Hypnobabies Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations. I'm still skeptical about Hypnobabies, but I'm trying to be open-minded and follow the program. I eat my English muffin with cottage cheese while I drive.

7:10am - I pull into the parking lot at work while repeating an affirmation: "I deserve to have a peaceful, easy birthing time." Grab all my bags, brush the crumbs off my belly and lap and I'm ready to go!

7:25am - I've made it to my third floor classroom. The first block of the day begins, but this is my preparation period. I find the handouts I need to xerox for today and head down to the copy machine on the first floor. Not surprisingly, it's broken. I head to the back up copier on the second floor and chuckle at the sign on the door "I'm broken. Please go away." Back to the third floor, to the teeny copier for emergencies only in our science department office. Broken! The other emergency copier across the hall in the assistant principal's office is out of toner. Finally, I remember there's one in the math office I can use, so I head there. Thankfully it works!

8:30am - I get back to my room and organize my lesson plans for the day. I write the objectives and warm ups on the board, sort through some seeds for my botany class and have just enough time to snack on some yogurt and a banana before class starts. And visit the bathroom!

9:00am - I have AP Environmental Science this block. We are designing experiments about eco-friendly lawn care to be done in our classroom greenhouse. I allow students to talk about fertilizer, watering, mowing, and encourage them to think about how they'll keep everything constant and collect quantitative data. When they have their plans set and I've double-checked that they're not planning anything dangerous, we head into the greenhouse to plant our grass. We have just enough time to plant and clean up before the bell rings. 

10:30am - Now it's time for Botany. We are also planting in the greenhouse today, but we're choosing vegetables and flowers to grow. My students carefully select their seeds and plant them, then return to the classroom to answer some reflection and analysis questions. I snag a colleague to cover my classroom so I can visit the ladies room. Some students need to finish the microscope from the previous lab, so I set out the materials needed to make slides from onions, pears, potatoes and peppers. I hand out a review sheet for the text next class, and we spend some time reviewing together. I snack on some nuts and dried apricots discreetly between talking with students. My stomach is growling!

12:00pm - Lunch! I visit and chat with my colleagues while enjoying my sandwich, which a twinge of guilt that I'm not doing the October Unprocessed challenge this year. I just can't find time to bake my own bread! An apple and a hard-boiled egg round out my lunch. I'm trying to follow the high protein diet recommended by Hypnobabies. Oh, someone brought in oatmeal cookies? Don't mind if I do!

12:30pm - Time for another AP Environmental Science class. We get to design our labs and plant, too. 

2:00pm - The greenhouse is a mess thanks to all the planting today, but there's no time to clean it! I have some physics students who need help with trigonometry and vectors.

2:45pm - I'm alone in my classroom. I take some time to gather supplies for our rocket launch lab in physics tomorrow and write the objectives and warm up on the board. It looks like it will rain, so I make a mental Plan B if we can't go outside but realize I don't have time to type up a formal lesson plan. Fingers crossed for good weather!

3:00pm - Back in the car driving home and reciting Hypnobabies Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations. The CD ends about 5 minutes from home and I'm thrilled to listen to the radio for the rest of the trip, until I realize all my stations are on commercial. Oh goody, traffic!

3:30pm - I run into the house, throw in some laundry, brush my teeth, grab an apple for a snack and head back out for an appointment with my midwife.

4:00pm - The waiting room is packed but fortunately I brought some tests to grade and even remembered my favorite purple pen.

4:40pm - It's finally my turn, and I don't even mind that I'm not done grading the essay questions yet. I get weighed (I've gained 23lbs so far) and my blood pressure measured (120/70). A short wait for my midwife, then I get to hear my baby's heartbeat with the Doppler. We chat for a few minutes and then I'm back on my way home.

5:15pm - I come home and my husband and son are here to greet me! Joshua excitedly tells me about the fun he had at the beach that day with his grandma. My husband heads up to take a quick shower since he's covered in sawdust. Joshua wants to play baseball... in the house? Sure. But somehow it turns into a game of fetch for me...

6:00pm - Daddy is back downstairs and it's time to cook supper. He distracts my little helper with more baseball so I can cook: salmon topped with pesto, mushrooms stuffed with spinach and walnuts, green salads, and macaroni and cheese from a box. I'm not perfect! But I am thankful for my weekly grocery delivery so I don't have to visit the store or lug everything home myself.

6:45pm - We're done with supper and Daddy starts to clean up and do dishes. Joshua and I sit down to read some books for a little while. Is this the first time I've sat down since the waiting room at the doctor's office? Oh, no, I sat down for 5 minutes to eat.

7:15pm - I pack lunches for tomorrow. Joshua will be in daycare, so I need to make sure we have a check for tuition and that he has a clean sheet and blanket for nap time.

7:45pm - I head upstairs to listen to my Hypnobabies script for the day: Deepening Hypnosis. The boys watch some TV while I'm upstairs. I get to relax deeply for a half hour!

8:30pm - My CD is over. Was I really hypnotized, or did I just fall asleep? I never know, but I figure either way it's good for me. Time for a quick, 5 minute bath for Joshua.

9:30pm - We've read books and snuggled and told stories and done our best to relax, but Joshua is still awake. I text Daddy, who is enjoying some alone time downstairs, to ask him to come sit with Josh so I can take a shower. I start to realize that I may not get to blog my "Day in the Life" tonight!

10:00pm - I get out of the shower and find that both my boys are asleep, snuggled in the big bed. That works! I quickly pick out clothes for tomorrow, braid my wet hair and hop into bed. Oh, shoot, I didn't get to do my prenatal exercises today, and I didn't get to blog, and I didn't get to finish grading those tests. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. I decide to read on my kindle for a little while.

11:00pm - I'm up later than I had planned, but I finished my book. Night night!

This will be my last post here at the Green Phone Booth before my baby boy is born and I take a little maternity leave from blogging (and work). Please feel free to visit my personal blog, Farmer's Daughter, where I promise to at least sparsely post a little about my new baby when he arrives!

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Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Loved reading this, Abbie! Your classes sound really fun to teach and be in, but plenty of work to prepare. Very different from my life as an elementary teacher though. I Can relate to having to grab another teacher when I needed a bathroom break (and the broken copy machines!).


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