Friday, October 26, 2012

Why Being a Tourist In Your Own Town is Cool

EcoYogini brings you on a virtual tour of the colours of Nova Scotia and why you should be a tourist in your own town....

Part of why I love Autumn is all the beautiful colours in the maritimes. When we lived in BC I really missed all the reds and oranges as the majority of indigenous trees were pine and yellow leaves only.

Since Andrew and I don't have lots of money to travel on cruises or down south (it happens a lot here in the maritimes, escaping the winter weather), we've decided to take opportunities to enjoy our own province!

Last weekend, Andrew and I along with two friends and their 3 week old baby (he was so good!), drove down to Wolfville and Kentville in the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia to see the gorgeous, fiery forests, hop a few vineyards and see a few pumpkin people!

(sadly, no photos of the pumpkin people, but basically every year on a theme, the people of Kentville create these scarecrows with pumpkin heads scenes on their lawn. This year was Pixar- it was kinda creepy yet fun!)

Our first stop was at JustUs!'s main roasting building. They were the first organic fair trade coffee bean roaster's in Nova Scotia and they have a little museum all about Fair Trade and Organic certification (and coffee bean growers), including these FRENCH comic strips which I thought were hilarious. I love living in a country where we have two official languages!

Then we stopped at Luckett Vineyards (first of four that we checked out. Nova Scotia has more than a dozen little vineyards!). The view was gorgeous, vineyard, farmland and then the Bay of Fundy!
We stayed for some delicious, local and healthy lunch, tasted some wine (no fee!) and explored their vineyard.
Because randomly, this vineyard has a red tartis phone booth in the middle of the vineyard...

Where you can actually call ANYWHERE in North America for FREE on the rotary phone... Yep. Just because. We all called our parents. We are such great children.
Also fun was that during wine season the town of Wolfville provides a "Magic Winery Bus" Tour on Saturdays and Sundays that vineyard hops... I love that it's a 'clin d'oeil' to the "Magic Schoolbus"!

Although this red existed in BC, it was always in yards or cultivated areas. Here, these reds and oranges take over the hill side, making the entire wooded areas look like they are on fire. 

This is Grand Pré Vineyards, named after the region: Grand Pré which is the origins of the story "Évangéline" and where the British rounded up the French Acadian settlers who had been in Nova Scotia for over a 150yrs to announce their deportation. It's now a UNESCO site.

This is the church (and Andrew standing in front of the Évangéline statue) where it the deportation was announced in 1755... effectively destroying thousands of peoples lives. I'm descended from the only village allowed to return and reclaim their original lands... Before this weekend I had never had the opportunity to visit Grand Pré, I was surprised just how much it meant to me.

Yep, being a tourist in your own village is fantastically fun, easier on the gas miles (and carbon emissions) and a way to reconnect to your local community.

This Autumn, consider vacationing in your own town, province or state. Be a tourist. You'd be surprised just how much fun you'll have!


Nicole said...

I love the Evangeline story! (accents aren't working on this laptop, je m'excuse!) And I envy you living in an area in which you can find French cartoon strips--my part of Ontario is sorely lacking.

Autumn in Ontario is beautiful as well, and I love that you are celebrating close to home!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! I am a huge fan of fair trade organic coffee, and love how you were able to visit the source.
Great pics and a wonderful eco-friendly way to spend a "staycation".

Eco Yogini said...

yay thanks!!! yes the cartoon strip was definitely photo worthy lol :)

i know- JustUs! is awesome. Sadly, the staff at the counter were pretty darn snobby and rude... ahh well- the life of a hipster hah.

Truffula said...

What fun! We often joke that we don't see those local treasures unless we have company and show them the sights. Why wait for company? :-)

hanna said...

I'm a big fan of organic coffee and at the same time with organic tulsi tea which is also a good one. How long did you stay on that place? It is really a cool place in your own town though! :-)


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