Friday, December 28, 2012

Eco Burnout and Hope

EcoYogini shares some thoughts on acceptance and hope...

Blogger burnout is a pretty common occurrence in the green blogging world. I remember reading about it almost four years ago when I first started blogging and thinking- "No way! That could never be me! I'm a lean green yoga machine! I will LOVE YOGA FOREVER".


It's true though, that it's difficult to keep up hope and not give in to cynicism. Especially with something like climate change. I feel like our entire society has shifted into a cynical apathy with our relationship (or lack thereof) and belief in our political system(s) and governing figures.

I have no idea how Dr David Suzuki has kept hope and advocating for change over the decades. He's my hero.

Even my LOVE of yoga has faded, or maybe more accurately it's my wariness of what is popular yoga and those people that follow. I'm no longer shouting about the all encompassing benefits of yoga from street corners, shaking people while yelling "JUST TRY YOGA!!!".

So yeah, I'm no longer enraged or surprised that our governments aren't doing jack to protect our planet and our lives. I gotta say, a certain level of acceptance has to be healthy, otherwise we would be running on HIGH ALERT and ANGER and INDIGNATION at all times. That's a high level of stress on the body and emotional state.

Spending four days with the in-laws definitely is a hard lesson on patience and acceptance. I need to constantly draw on my yoga practice, to remind myself to just breathe through the challenging and condescending conversations.

I have to accept that I can't change a family member's views of women, how they disregard my ideas, opinions and thoughts, breathe, smile and let it go.

What we do here, our wonderful and lovely blogging family, is a part of this dance between acceptance and doing what we can.

I feel that the biggest lesson of 2012 has been of moving towards acceptance without giving up on hope. 


EcoGrrl said...

This is a good, honest post. Our emotions evolve, pure and simple, around all kinds of things that we do. I've taken breaks from my yoga over the years, and seen it in many different shapes & forms, but ultimately - like we're taught, yoga practice is only about us. Bringing that back internally is what has helped bring me back into the fold - I changed from flow to yin yoga (not forever, just for now), and it's been the emotional release i really need. why? because i needed to slow down and focus, no matter how painful.

"be gentle on yourself" someone told me once. it's a great reminder when the world is tossing us around like we're in a blender :)

Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Well said.

Yoga comes in very handy while giving birth...and other times when you just need to be in the moment and let go.

Jenn the Greenmom said...

I so hear you on the burnout...I've been there several times, on the verge of sort of walking away from the blogging and the green efforts and all...but somehow I always stick around, even if I move to the periphery for a while, and it's ALWAYS my green blogger friends who bring me back.

Thanks for this post!


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