Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In case Santa needs some help...

From the laundry basket of the Homegrown Mama...

I'm done with my Christmas shopping. *happy dance* This year, I am excited that I purchased fair trade chocolates, handmade hairbows from Etsy, wooden toys and had a friend make a blanket from organic cotton yarn. I'm excited because this year, I feel that each item was actually chosen for a reason and with my values in mind.

What is your go-to gift for children this time of year? My favorite for sure are either art supplies like the Climate Crusader shared with us recently, or books. Combine those two and you have a gift that not only entertains but stimulates their developing brains. See why it's my favorite? Books are the perfect gift idea because they stimulate and educate and inspire. We read a LOT in this house and so I'm always on the hunt for something new to slip into our shelves that will join the ranks of being read dozens of times throughout the day.
Jack's Garden

The Little Composter

On Meadowview Street
I'm always excited to find an ecofriendly book during my library visits... it's how we test them out prior to purchase. 

But, if your bookshelves are already full or you're switching to the eReader format and need other ideas for Christmas, we here at the Green Phone Booth have a long list.  Check out these posts for more ideas!

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