Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Living Solstice Tree

This was my second year buying a living evergreen tree to brighten up home for the holidays. Living trees are a great sustainable option that's often left out of the cut tree versus fake tree debate. They tend to be on the small size, but that works out well for city apartments where space is tight.

Last year, we failed at keeping it alive in my boyfriend's apartment. We kept procrastinating on bringing the tree to a friend's patio, so the tree dried out and then we let it continue to sit near a radiator for a couple of months.

Now that we have our own yard, we wanted to give a living tree another try this year. It's a dwarf alberta spruce. The garden store owner emphasized that these trees should only be kept inside for a week at a time. They should be watered every couple days while inside, and then about once a week when outside. We decorated it inside for the week leading up to Christmas and then put the tree outside just before going to visit family for the holiday. We removed the ornaments and repotted it in a larger pot with more soil to prevent the tree from getting root-bound.

So far it seems okay outside, although the soil is a little stiff from the cold. With any luck, we'll be able to bring it back inside next December to celebrate Christmas (or solstice or whatever you like to celebrate), removing the need for a cut tree from the equation. We'll probably also use it to decorate our backyard with twinkly lights year-round.


Eco Yogini said...

oh it's perfect! it's true that the live tree option is often left out of the debate (i know i forgot about it when writing on my blog!).
I think it's great that now you have a reminder year round of solstice (or the holidays :) ).

Elizabeth said...

I was given a 1 foot high Norfolk pine at my office. It seems to be doing OK and has new growth on its branches. It does have a few ornaments on it of felt. Branches very wispy, not strong at all.


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