Monday, January 14, 2013

Climate Change Isn't a Republican or Democrat Issue

After the hottest year on record, very little is being done politically to help prepare us for the changing climate. It seems like the sides just fight and get nothing done. Almost daily I see someone on social media denying climate change and my own U.S. Senator, Sen. Inhofe, is one of the biggest climate change deniers out there.

But within the science community both political sides agree, climate change is real and we are causing it. Dr. Kerry Emanuel of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Dr. Peter Frumhoff of Union of Concerned Scientists, one typically votes republican, and one votes democrat, both agree about climate change. They are calling on us to find a common ground and take care of climate change. Check out this great video from Concerned Scientists for more information.

Be sure to share this and hopefully we can all work together to come up with good solutions to the issues that face us due to climate change.

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