Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My love for cloth pads

Julia from Color Me Green shares what it's like to use Lunapads

When it comes to my "moon time," I've been happily using cloth pads for the past three years. I know many people love Diva Cups, but I never felt comfortable wearing tampons, so I knew that wasn't for me. Back in 2010, I won a raffle on Crunchy Chicken for a full set of Lunapads. I'd been interested in trying them, but the starter kits seemed somewhat expensive ($75-125), so I was lucky to win the raffle, without which I might never have taken the plunge.

However, once I realized how well they work and how long they last, the upfront price seems worth it in the long run. I know some crafty people have successfully made their own cloth pads (see It's Not Easy Being Green), which could save you some money if you have a sewing machine - and good quality scrap fabric. Lunapads do amaze me with how absorbent they are.

As for the logistics: they offer little bags you can keep in your purse for changing fresh and used pads. Since I don't have my own washing machine and only do laundry about every three weeks at the laundromat, at the end of each day, I do a quick handwash of the pads with a little detergent in my sink, and then hang them to dry before throwing them into my regular laundry.

It's not too much of a hassle, and it's worth it to have no plastic next to my skin and no trash to send to the landfill each month. The concept of using cloth pads makes so much sense when you realize that rags have been the historic protection of choice. (Although, I do still keep a set of tampons around in case of a trip to a beach or pool.) Since it's a sensitive topic, it's not something I typically bring up to my friends, but I'm putting it out here to encourage more women to give them a try.

* This post itself is not sponsored by Lunapads - I just wanted to share how much I like them and to encourage others to explore beyond the conventional options.


Christy said...

I just love my Luna pads - have been using them for 15+ years!

I'm looking forward to letting my oldest daughter pick out her own material patterns for pads when she gets closer to her first period. I've already started showing her how I use mine and the Luna pad website. I also like their teens booklets to talk to girls.


Helena said...

I got a bunch of cloth pads from various Etsy shops, and I love them. After having my daughter tampons were no longer comfortable, and turns out I'm now allergic to disposable pads, so cloth pads are an awesome alternative for me.

Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Maybe I'll give these a try. I currently use tampons, but am liking them less and less lately. I kind of want to try one of the cups, but they are just a little daunting, Eco Yogini's fine post notwithstanding (still considering it!). Maybe I'll just try out a few luna pads and see how I like them.

Sarah said...

I made my own cloth pads - which I really like. I recently bought a Diva Cup though because the hassle of trying to wash pads in an apartment with roommates is too much. I've yet to successfully use the cup tho, its a work in progress :)

Eco Yogini said...

this is fun! i am not a fan of pads (never have been) which is why the DivaCup works so well for me (but it definitely does take some figuring out what works for you).

i can see how after having children a divacup may not be as comfortable and i wondered what i would do... i think cloth pads are a fabulous investment and i love that they give you little bags too! (AND Lunapads tweet the BEST things on twitter :) ). said...

Aww, shucks. You're so sweet Eco Yogini!
We're so happy that you were able to try Lunapads, Julia and even more delighted that you chose to share your experience with the world!
I just wanted to mention, since some of you have expressed interest in trying Lunapads for yourselves; we offer a free sample pantyliner on our website to first time customers. You just have to pay the cost of shipping:
We also carry the DivaCup for those of you who are interested in a tampon-alternative.


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